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Bar Review – Black Amber Social Club

Bar Review – Black Amber Social Club

Searching for a good Social Club in Thonglor? Fortunately Black Amber Thonglor Social Club hits the spot with its range of fine beverages and decadent interiors. Should you be also in the mood for a cuban, you are sure to be delighted at their superior range.

What once began as gentlemen’s barber and tattoo shop on a small alley off Thonglor, quickly transformed into a local going concern as it expanded across the street with a premises that offered more space to create just that perfect Gentleman’s atmosphere. And just for a matter of clarification, it’s a gentleman’s club of the sort from yesteryear, not a cheap or seedy imitation.

It has attempted, and quite succeeded, at creating an atmosphere of sophisticated surroundings, whilst still oozing conviviality. It has been aided with a bar that stocks an impressive range of whiskey, bourbon and rum all in some very classic and chic interiors.

Upstairs, there’s also a vintage shop (Mirror Mask) and a high-end tailors (Toast Bespoke).

Once inside, it’s obvious that a lot of effort has gone into the renovation from townhouse to whiskey bar. It’s no surprise that Black Amber founder, Chavin Nantaterm, previously worked closely alongside Ashley Sutton on several of his big design projects in the capital, and the bar also contains a few items from Nantaterm’s personal collection including a giant ostrich skeleton in the lobby, leather chairs and a grand piano in the corner.  

This really is the sort of place you would feel silly ordering anything other than a good whiskey, bourbon or whiskey/bourbon-based cocktail. There’s a collection of around 20 or so different labels on the back bar (look out for the rare single malts), with pours starting from 220 baht. Their Old Fashioned proves hugely popular too, and they also have a collection of cigars which can be smoked in the courtyard. 

Thonglor’s super-stylish Black Amber Barber Shop & Tattoo (between Thonglor Sois 5 and 7) has expanded across the road into with a full-on gentlemen’s whiskey bar and networking spot on Thonglor Soi 6.

Just like they did with their first building, this new location feels like a real community. The bar sits on the first floor, along with the brand-new Mirror Mask Vintage shop and Toast Bespoke tailor shop. Another café will join soon, too.

Back on the bar, the design is a combination between a barbershop and the owner’s previous venue, The Circus, offering a warmer vibe thanks to the owner’s personal collection of Persian carpets, leather sofas and exotic items like a huge ostrich skeleton.

Whisky, single malt and rum are the main focus, here. The shelf is filled with familiar bottles like Glendfiddich, Ballantine’s and Suntory, as well as the more esoteric Monkey Shoulder, Teacher’s and Browmore. Prices, rather surprisingly, start from B200 a glass.

The decor, menu and cocktails are not quite finalized, but the bar’s first is Friday, Jan 23. from 7pm onwards. For reservations and exact directions, call 092-276-2772.

Black Amber Thonglor Social Club is located in the heart of Thonglor and prides itself on being the quintessential club for a gentleman’s delectation. With their concept of “Sip, Smoke, & Spoke”, feel free to sit down for a discussion and exchange opinions. The club’s bar and barbershop section blend seamlessly into the whole experience.

Black Amber Thonglor Social Club leans on vintage vibes with top-notch whiskeys, classic cocktails, and the finest cigars. You can trust their barbers to make you look sharp and dapper whenever you need.

Whether it’s haircut or grooming you need, you can leave it to their professionals. Enjoy a drink or a cigar while getting your hair cut and beard trimmed at this gentleman’s club. Black Amber Thonglor Social Club is open every day between 10.00-02.00.

📌 https://goo.gl/maps/bPTY5ajyGxs

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