Home Style Delivery Delivery : Getting a slice at ‘Fattbalo Pizza’

Delivery : Getting a slice at ‘Fattbalo Pizza’

Delivery : Getting a slice at ‘Fattbalo Pizza’

I checked out this Fattbalo Pizza the other day.  It’s not the easiest place to find, but if you go down soi 49 to 49/14 hook a right and it’s the first right.  There’s a small sign that marks it.  You can find it on Google maps if you look up Mighty Private Dining.  The owner has another upscale restaurant that is a chefs table dinner place.

Note from the Editor : Bangkok Eats is running a series of delivery only reviews to adapt to the challenging time, we review as per the delivered condition.

Fattbalo Pizza does pizza delivery only. There is no dine in, not that it would matter during these times.  They deliver pizza and starting next week they will introduce cheeseburgers into the menu.  In the following couple of weeks they will also incorporate a beef stew into the menu.  Now, I didn’t get to try the beef stew, but I did get to smell it cooking up and it smelled delicious.  I wish I could have tried it. I guess I’ll just have to wait and order it in a couple of weeks when it hits the menu. I can’t wait to try it.

I did try a few of Fattbalo pizzas and they were pretty tasty.  The owner said they import all their ingredients from Italy and I’d have to say that you can taste the difference. The dough in these pizzas is great. 

Fattbalo Pizza
Preparing the pizza crust

It’s just fluffy enough, but not too light.  I really liked the dough.  They are a pretty good size and come with lots of mozzarella cheese on top. I tried the Pepperoni, the Nduja, and the Hawaiian. 

Fattbalo Pizza
Pepperoni Pizza

The pepperoni was good. They use quality pepperoni and you can really taste the flavor in it. 

Fattbalo Pizza
Nduja Pizza

The Nduja with sun dried tomato was pretty good as well.   Fattbalo Pizza’s biggest seller is the Hawaiian pizza, so I gave it a try. 

Fattbalo Pizza
Hawaiian pizza

It’s good, and a big hit with the Japanese crowd.  It’s got pineapple and corn on it, lots of cheese.  It all goes together quite well.  I’m not a huge Hawaiian guy, but I liked this one pretty good.

Fattbalo Pizza
The Hawaiian

While we are on lockdown and hunting out new places to try, I think this place would be worth a go.  I gave it try and wasn’t displeased.  Give it a shot, let me know what ya think!



Website (for ordering)



084 16 16 496




Tuesday – Sunday | 2pm – 10.30pm 
Close : Monday

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