Home Style Delivery Delivery: Barcelona Gaudi Loves you in Bangkok!

Delivery: Barcelona Gaudi Loves you in Bangkok!

Delivery: Barcelona Gaudi Loves you in Bangkok!

So ….. right before the delivery, I wanted to set up an ambience like as if I was in a Spanish restaurant like Barcelona Gaudi, I put on my treasured Latin playlist and a flower in my hair ready to dance the flamenco! haha…. Although as soon as I hear the word Barcelona, images of Freddie Mercury fill my head! For decades, fans have belted out the song’s iconic lyrics alongside Freddie Mercury’s one-of-a-kind vocals and Barcelona is a melody to be revered.

I have never been to Barcelona however I have been to the south of Spain near the France border. I sipped on the most delicious white wine and freshly shucked oysters near San Sabastian. I’ve always wanted to go to Barcelona however, being in Spain was enough to know the tapas are the number 1 style of dishes to be served there.

Barcelona Gaudi
Seafood Paella – Barcelona Gaudi

The main dish of Spain is Paella, the owners of this restaurant sent me the most incredible seafood paella. First of all, this was some of the largest prawns I’ve ever seen. The mussels were also arranged very attractively in a platter that was delivered to my home. Secondly, Paella is a Spanish rice dish originally from the Valencia area.

A mingle of rice, green beans and peas for splashes of colour and the pleasing balance of spice explode in your mouth! Yes in every bite! Furthermore, this nourishing, vibrant, and without pretension, paella has held a place of honour and practicality in Spain for centuries.

Barcelona Gaudi

(Gambas Al Ajillo), Pink, deliciously plump prawns fried in a glossy garlic olive oil – what more could you want?! This tapas dish can be round in bars across Spain. Besides for obvious reasons, this is to be enjoyed with a glass of chilled Sav Blanc!

I had the opportunity to cross over to the border into Spain back in 2009 and explore the countryside. I know that Spanish people love to eat their food in gathering with friends. Because food is culture, food is fun, food is people and food is life! Around 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm, the Spaniards convene to share food and drinks after the end of a long hard day’s work.

Barcelona Gaudi
Chicken Croquettes – Barcelona Gaudi

Barcelona Gaudi serves up some mean Chicken Croquettes! They are mini bit morsels of crusty rolls gushy goodness to be dipped while blazing into some mayo. Eat these carefully as the filling may be super hot! A bit bland tasting, I added some chilli oil to give it a spicy kick! Above all, this clearly is a sharing dish for parties in the very near future for us all.

Barcelona Gaudi
Parmesan Beef – Barcelona Gaudi

Seems like this Slow-cooked beef coated with Parmesan Cheese could easily be my #1 dish. My first time trying beef prepared this way and no protest! The beef was tender, with the cheese was truly appetizing. The blended pungency bursting with natural essence and chewy texture probably was my top pick.

Barcelona Gaudi
Spanish Omelette – Barcelona Gaudi

Barcelona Gaudi, the brothers who own this eatery, prepare the true Catalan cuisine. They sent over such a wide variety, and as a result, wasn’t able to show all the pictures. So, along with the Spanish Omelette, a small Spinach Cannelloni and a Serrano Ham Sandwich, and chocolate truffles, everything was simply delicious! Besides, I can definitely see why Spanish people love tapas! Most of the tapas come over-bite size portion and you can eat a lot or not!

A most noteworthy mention is a bit of history of Barcelona Gaudi. A famous architect, Antoni Gaudi, who built a famous Basilica in Barcelona also built the first Art Nouveau building in the world. Therefore, I love the concept of the name Barcelona Gaudi. Because, it is about the architecture of food, Spanish food that is and everything about this place is fitting of its culture. True Catalan cuisine in Bangkok!

For delivery, please contact Barcelona Gaudi to get fresh hot delivery at your doorstep! I love the touch of the chocolate dusted truffles that come in a bag to finish with a sweetness to the palette!!

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