Home Style Delivery Delivery: ‘Pakmor Sakon’ for dumplings – YES!

Delivery: ‘Pakmor Sakon’ for dumplings – YES!


Ever have a craving for Vietnamese goodness? With a heavy Vietnamese influence in Bangkok, sometimes a selection of restaurants can be intimidating. I saw this restaurant way back when I used to travel back-and-forth to Lad Phrao and wanted to walk into this little place and try out their yummy food! Pakmor Sakon is a simple but delicious eatery located in Lad Pharo.

Pakmor Sakon
Fried Egg Dumpling – Pakmor Sakon

Fried Egg Dumpling

I’ve eaten a lot of Pho and Bun, however, I’ve never tried dumplings like this. I think that they’re definitely worth a shot if you are wanting something a little bit different and simple. You get your money’s worth on these tidbits!

The main ingredients in the dumplings are minced pork, pork sausage, green onion and cabbage with a Thai chili to spice it up! They arrive one in containers with lots of the Thai chilli sauce and fried onion. They are a great appetizer to have before the main meal. Each and every one of these dumplings is handmade with care for your enjoyment.

Pakmor Sakon

All of the dumplings come wrapped in rice paper and these little dumplings look easy enough to make but I think working with rice paper is you need a very experienced hand to do the wrapping.

Pakmor Sakon
Egg Rolled Dumplings

Egg Rolled Dumplings

These egg roll dumplings also had the minced pork green onion and cabbage inside. Each of these dumplings or even with the Thai chilli sauce put on top as well as the crunchy fried onions, they are absolutely tasteful. You can eat them just as they are or we can have them with sticky rice.

Pakmor Sakon
Vietnamese Pizza

Vietnamese Pizza

Have you ever had a Vietnamese pizza? Neither did I. In the delivery came this round flat crispy rice crust. The feeling was rolled in a wax paper very cleverly wrapped. When you unrolled the wax paper wrapping the pizza filling was all encased in rice paper. As you unrolled the pizza filling, it unrolled with without sticking to each other which was brilliant. However when it was time to eat it I wanted to warm it up in the frying pan, so I lightly heated the pan and put the filling in it.

When I receive my delivery from Pakmor Sakon even though it came all the way from Lad Phrao, I didn’t expect it to be as warm as it was. When I received it it was perfect temperature to eat right away if you chose to.

I’m just sharing some extra pictures from Pakmor Sakon on how to eat Vietnamese pizza along with the rest of the items that I was very happy to have tasted.

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196 ลาดปลาเค้า18 (9.43 mi), Bangkok, Thailand 10230

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