Home Style Delivery Delivery: Banana Leaf – A taste that takes you home!

Delivery: Banana Leaf – A taste that takes you home!

Delivery: Banana Leaf – A taste that takes you home!

The universe always has perfect timing! Why do you ask? Well, because I have been craving delicious spicy Thai Food and voila … Banana Leaf comes to my rescue. In addition, to the amazing food, came 2 flavours of drinks, the Butterfly Pea and Pandan. I couldn’t decide which one I liked better as both were great with Thai food.

For instance, way before I moved to Thailand, I always went out for Thai food with family and friends in Canada. Plus, eating good Thai food was such a special treat. However, Thai food is not the same outside of Thailand. For example, thai flavours are there but certian dishes i hae nver seen here. I have never seen coconut rice in Thailand. I have been to Si-Lom Complex many, many, many times on Silom Road and I’ve seen this restaurant located on the 4th level. Banana Leaf is highly recommended for newcomers who move to Thailand and want great delectable food – this is the place to go!

However, with all of the delicious food eateries in and around the shopping area, it’s hard to know which one is good and which one is worth trying. Furthermore, I will definitely be back to Banana Leaf and try more of the dishes because it was super awesome Thai food. Banana Leaf embodied the true essence of thai food.

Banana Leaf
Let’s Dig in!

Beef it’s not really a popular served meat here. Consequently, whenever I see a good Thai beef stir-fry, that is a definitely a must-order for me on the menu. Coming from Alberta Canada, I come from Beef country! The beef was super tender and palatable. The beef stir-fried came with green onions and crispy red bell pepper, which was so tasty. On a bed of steam rice, the beef and the mushroom dish would go down in a snap. I particularly loved the scallions in the beef sit-fry. Not too salty with the right mix of sauce!

Banana Leaf
Stir-Fry Beef
Banana Leaf
Crab Fried Eggs

The crab fried omelette entree was a little bit too oily for my liking. In fact, you can definitely taste the sweetness of the chunks of crab mixed in with the egg. I’ve never had a Thai dish like this and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would definitely order it again minus the oil. This was very appetizing for morning breakfast on toast! YUM!

Banana Leaf
Steamed Prawns in Garlic Sauce

These prawns were so huge, massive and perfectly steamed came with flavoursome garlic topping. However, when you order, make sure you know what condiment belongs to which entree. I arrange these prawns in a bowl. Meanwhile, I poured the yummy garlic fried sauce and let them soak in it while I tried the other dishes.

Banana Leaf
Deep Fried Sea Bass

Firstly, Banana Leaf took super good care when packing the food to deliver. Secondly, when I opened up the container to find this whole Sea Bass deep-fried, it was so crispy and delicious. They definitely made sure the fish wasn’t soggy when it got to you. I poured the proper toppings such as cut-up greens onions, red shallots, some pickled cabbage with a fish sauce PLUS fresh-cut red thai chillies, this was a great carb-free dish! And finally, the food came hot and ready to inhale.

All of the ingredients served by banana leaf are fresh and scrumptious. For leftovers I took the mixed mushroom medley with the rest of the beef stir-fry and had that the next day!!

A BIG ginormous thank you for the staff at Banana Leaf who prepared the zestful food for delivery. I am very grateful and hope you will see me again. Moreover, I can hardly wait to go to Banana Leaf for lunch/dinner at one of the many locations in Bangkok with friends very soon.

With Love,



1. Silom Complex 4th Fl: 02-231-3124
2. Central Rama 3 5th Fl: 02-673-6206
3. The Circle (Ratchapruk) Motion Square: 02-863-8686
4. The Walk (Ratchapruk) 1st Fl: 02-489-6941
5. The Promenade (Ramindra) 2nd Fl: 02-108-5026
6. Central City Banga 2nd Fl: 662-361-6020
7. Seacon Square (Srinakarin) 4th: 662-721-8112



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