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No blues at ‘Roadhouse Barbecue’

No blues at ‘Roadhouse Barbecue’

Man, I love this place, Roadhouse Barbecue.  I just love the atmosphere, the look, the smell, everything about it.  It’s set up all western saloon, beer bar style.  To me it’s like walking back straight back into Texas.  It just feels like back home to me, and that’s probably why I like it so much.  I’ve been going there since I first moved here about six years ago, but hadn’t been by to check on it lately.   I got a call from the owner the other day telling me to get in there and get some ribs and brisket in me.  What could I do, what could I do?  I was like, Hell Yeah!!  That’s exactly what I need!!  

Roadhouse Barbecue

Dana, the owner of Roadhouse Barbecue is a really nice guy.  He comes from Maine up in the northeast but has definitely learned his way around BBQ.  He worked in food industry for big event places, stadiums.  He worked for the Miami Dolphins stadium for a long time, did a couple Superbowls, too.  He even worked at the old Texas Stadium in Arlington for a bit. 

Roadhouse Barbecue

He’s been out here in Bangkok for a little more than fourteen years running The Roadhouse Barbecue over there one block past Silom on the corner of Sukhumvit.  I’m sure you have seen it.  It’s got that huge ROADHOUSE sign out front and it would be hard to miss.  It was great to get back over there and he did it up right for us.  It is just nice to get that American service vibe again.  He pulled out all the stops this trip. 

The Wings

Roadhouse Barbecue

First things first, WINGS.  Best damn wings in the city!  It’s got that original Frank’s Wing Sauce.  To me, that’s the wing sauce every wing should have.  I know there are lots of different designer wings; bbq, honey mustard, Korean, etc…. but if you want the real deal, man, these are the best.  Order them with the hot sauce so you get the real taste.  They come with blue cheese or ranch for those Americans out there.  They’re just great wings, that’s all I have to say about that. 


Roadhouse Barbecue

The Roadhouse Barbecue nachos are straight up, too.  They came out exactly like you would expect to see an order of nachos, piled high with cheese, jalapeños, tomatoes, meat, sour cream, beans.  A big dish of guacamole on the side there.   The whole nine yards.  That’s the way nachos should be, Ba Boom!!!

Roadhouse Barbecue Ribs

Roadhouse Barbecue

Then he brought out the full rack of mesquite smoked ribs, Oh Goddamn!!!!  Dude, these things were massive!!  Seriously, the measured as long as my arm from elbow to the tip of my fingers!  It was a huge rack of ribs, to say the least.   You always see the little half racks, but for real, next time order the full rack and share them, just to see this monstrosity.   What a sight!  Trust me on this one, you can thank me later. 


These are mesquite smoked for about four and a half hours, and they’re good!  Come with a really good BBQ sauce.  Their BBQ sauce is worth mentioning here.  It’s a good, good, rich deep smokey flavor sauce and when you taste it, you’ll understand.  It stands well above most BBQ sauces you get at other places, believe me.  It’s good.  

Roadhouse Barbecue
BBQ Platter For Two

Then, as if the full rack of ribs wasn’t enough, and it was, but then he tells me I’ve gotta try this BBQ Platter For Two.  Uhhhm, ok.   Actually, I’m really glad he showed it to me because it’s basically everything I always want or get, just that I usually order it all individually. 

Roadhouse Barbecue
Brisket – BBQ Platter For Two

It’s impressive, I can say that.  He wheels out this huge dish on like its own little lazy Susan spinning tray and it’s stacked with EVERYTHING!!  Hahahaha.  Seriously, I couldn’t believe it!!  It had like, 5 chicken wings, 4 or 5 ribs, a bowl of their brisket, onion rings, steak fries, coleslaw, two corn on the cobs, a bowl of beans, and some corn bread!!!  It was huge, and all that for only 999 baht, whaaaaaat??  That’s crazy!!  That, to me is super cheap!!   It was awesome.  We tore that bad boy up!  

Pulled pork sandwich

Also, gave the pulled pork sandwich a try.  It’s a nice hickory smoked pork shoulder with BBQ sauce, a little slaw on it and what they call the “Hillbilly Mop Sauce” on the side.  The Hillbilly Mop Sauce is a Carolina BBQ sauce from the east coast.  I had never had it before and I had heard nothing but bad things about it before.  Lol.  I’m from Texas, my brother moved out to Carolina and he was like “man, they do a different kind of BBQ out here, I don’t know what the F—k kind of sauce they use, but it’s terrible!!”  Well, I gave it a try and while it is quite different from what we eat in Texas, I gotta say, this stuff was not bad.  It’s more of a vinegary based sauce with a twang to it, but it was pretty good.   It was a nice change, I thought.  My two sidekicks that I took with me both loved it, too.  Plus it’s got a great name, Hillbilly Mop Sauce, lol.  How could anyone not love that?  Dana told me he smokes the pork shoulder for seven hours using Hickory wood chips from Texas.  I laughed and thought he was joking, but ran in the back and brought out 3 bags of wood chips; hickory, mesquite, and oak, all from Texas.  This dude knows what’s up.  

Lemme tell ya a little bit bout that the brisket.  It was purdy damn good.  I’m on a brisket kick these days.  I guess I must be missing home and brisket be calling me, so I was happy to try that.  It was really good, super tender and in their great BBQ sauce.  I loved it and wish I had more, like right now.  He smokes that with hickory wood chips for about three hours, then pulls it out and wraps it in foil and puts it back in for another 7 hours.  He was telling me the trick is that after you pull it out, you gotta let is sit another 3 hours before cutting it so that it doesn’t get dry.   I have to believe he is right, cause that was some mighty good brisket.

Roadhouse Barbecue

A few other things I want to get in before we finish here.  Roadhouse Barbecue does a cornbread that’s great.  He said it was a bit sweet but I didn’t feel that was true.  I’m not a fan of sweet cornbread, at all.  His cornbread was delicious.  It really wasn’t that sweet, not like those yankee cornbreads, lol.  They use a touch of honey in theirs, not too much.  It was really moist and I think they kind put it on the grill a bit so its got that Texas Toast singe to the sides.  It’s good stuff, for sure.  They also have two kinds of coleslaw.  One is a little unorthodox.  It’s, actually, his grandma’s recipe that use oil and vinegar and a hint of sugar.  I am not a coleslaw person to be honest but I could eat this stuff.  I thought it was really good.  In addition, they do serve a creamier traditional slaw that both my friends assured me was very good.  The beans that came out also have a fantastic, rich, smokey flavor to them.  I loved them.  Their fries are those big steak cut fries.  They do some nice big onion rings if you like onion rings.

I guess that about sums it up for the .  I can’t say enough good things about this place.  I’m glad I had a chance to get back over there and see what I have been missing.  I would highly recommend it if you are craving some good ‘ol BBQ.  Dana is doing it up right over there at Roadhouse.  They are open daily now and doing deliveries.  If you go there for lunch, they are giving a fifteen percent discount on all food every day, so swing on by and take advantage of it. 

No, wait!!   I forgot to mention that this a beer drinking place!!!  They have lots of good beers and craft beers.  They run specials all the time, so don’t forget to get in there when ya wanna sink a few nice ice cold ones. 

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