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Royal Pizza – A pizza player Royale!

Royal Pizza – A pizza player Royale!

There is a proliferation of pizza places opening up, but we had been noticing the arrival and growth of Royal Pizza for a while and decided it was time to take a look see!  Royal Pizza started small with a small crepe machine and a table. The owners travelled Bangkok markets and events serving delicious french crepes and Saj crispy pizza, they worked hard for almost a year before they opened their first small shop at Narathiwas 24 – Sathorn back in August 2016.   In June 2019 the company opened it’s central kitchen in Yannawa under supervision of the owner & head chef preparing all their recipes and assuring daily fresh deliveries to his 2 branches.

Royal Pizza Starters

We started with the Chicken wings, these appear hand crafted.  The taste is soft and subtle, but still strong enough to be considered robust.  The accompanying garlic sauce is a tremendous addition.  It really sets the tone for these wings. We also enjoyed 2 of their wraps, these are actually great valued when ordered alone or in a set. The Zaatar Wrap was comprised of Lebanese Mixture of Thyme, Sesame and Sunac in Extra Virgin Olive Oil wrapped with Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Black Olives and Mint. It was followed closely by the healthy HLT Wrap – Hummus, Lettuce, Tomato, Black Olives and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. These are well priced wraps starting from 89 Baht and are a healthy choice as well!

Royal Pizza Chicken burger

The Chicken was surprisingly good!  It appears as a very unassuming, plain and simple burger, hence my expectations were low. But it managed to deliver a lot more than that.  The chicken was nice, not over cooked, and a lovely sauce really helped to finish it.  The whole mouth feel was pleasant for this burger.  Served with shoestring fries.

Feta Cheese Pizza

Royal Pizza
Royal Pizza – Feta Cheese Pizza

This pizza was immaculately presented.  Surprisingly it travelled well,  it looked so good in an upright shape, after its delivery.  But it did, almost as if it was just out of the oven.  This is a terrific pizza that is sure to catch on.  Its masterstroke (other then the feta) is its sun-dried tomatoes, these give great balance to the feta and when combined with the olives, lead to a wonderful, Italian/Mediterranean feel and taste.  It’s sightly sharp in its taste and has sufficient complexity to be interesting.  Tomato sauce, mozzarella, cherry tomato, capsicum, red onion, black olives, mixed rocket, Feta cheese with a touch of extra virgin olive oil on top.  This will become my favourite pizza.

German Sausages & Salami Pizza

Royal Pizza
Royal Pizza – German Sausages & Salami Pizza

As you first bite in you feel feel that super sharp flicker of salami taste, this is some good salami, nothing cheap here.  It’s rounded out by some german sausage, slightly vinegar in taste.  Tomato sauce, oregano, Mozzarella cheese, spicy salami, N├╝rnberger sausages, mixed olives.  This is gonna be popular with the meat lovers.

Royal Signature Lamb Pizza

At the mere mention of this pizza, I’m can help but be instantly thrown to THAT scene in Tarantino’s  movie, the Royale with Cheese! This is a pizza that you haven’t had before.  The big difference being the lamb sets the tone for the whole pizza, there is an undercurrent of sweetness, that lays low against the cheese and the lamb, so definitely not upsetting in the slightest.  It harks back to it’s Lebanese influence and is rounded out with it’s ingredients of Tomato sauce, Mozzarella cheese, cherry tomato, onion wings, capsicum, local fresh Lamb and Parsley.

Royal Pizza
Royal Pizza – Royal Signature Lamb Pizza


There is definitely another player here in the pizza market with aggressive deals and a unique taste, furthermore they offer a variation in sides that is sure to appeal to a wider audience then just straight forward pizza. The have some very good deals going from time to time so be sure to check their website and facebook for their latest offers.

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