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We had heard quite good things about Délices de Capoue. We came in on a Tuesday night and it was already buzzing.  Obviously word had got around and this place did well based on the numbers we were seeing, even on a Tuesday in these challenging times.  This space is simple and unassuming. There are betting everything on the food, and what a good bet it was!

The owner of Délices de Capoue comes from an island in the Mediterranean roughly between Italy and France, called Corsica.  So he has the blessing of knowing two fine and distinct cultures which has prepared him well to deliver what is perhaps, the finest pizza Bangkok has seen! We stand behind this statement.

The Starters : Salad

The ham is almost explosive in terms of its refined and nuanced taste.  It’s salty but gentle, but still a bit more complex than many I have had before.  Of course it’s balanced wonderfully with the perfectly sun-dried tomatoes , and the delicious and fresh Burrata cheese remains as the centerpiece.  It’s imported from Italy and is excellent lies in its freshness.  When you combine it all together, you are left with a sharp and tangent taste profile, that is quite an exquisite start to the journey ahead.


If you order this, smell it first, indulge deeply in the scent of this very authentic Carbonara.  There is a narrative to be found in the perfume of this dish. It follows with a super crunchy and sharp bacon, the organic egg yolk being added at the perfect time to bind everything together.  The pasta is perfectly cooked.   Topped with a lovely cheese that does not overwhelm but compliments in dignifying way, this is a great Carbona, well done Délices de Capoue

Pizza Delores de capoue

Words fail me, but lets start with buonissimo, delizioso and magnifique.  This is a seriously well balanced pizza, it’s a beautiful thing to behold and the taste is seriously exquisite and delightful!  There is a small sweet undertone and a wonderful base that keeps you coming back for more.

I could honestly say that even if there were no toppings, i would delight in eating the crust alone. Why? Their 72-hour raised dough process results in an amazing base that is truly sensational. I would be happy eating that alone, but once added with high quality ingredients.

Pizza Madre 

Firstly, there is a a purity of taste here.  Again built on a elegant base, supported by San Daniele Ham, exquisite sun dried tomatoes, peppered by Balsamic Cream and with a fresh, imported Burrata cheese again as the centrepiece   I do wonder, is there a cow out back contributing on the hour to this freshness? We felt almost under attack from Délices de Capoue with a tour de force of amazings ingredients and a precise preparation.   Even their Parmesan crumble is homemade with every pizza cooked in a wood fired oven. 

What is noticeable at Délices de Capoue is the dedication to the quality of ingredients, everything is fresh, authentic and perfect! In regards to their process, they use water from mountain for the sourdough.  It involves a long maturation for the dough, around 3 days.  Key is the premium ingredients imported from Italy, mixed with some high quality local vegetables.  

Délices de Capoue were also kind enough to ensure we received a high quality glass of red wine. A lovely wooded natural wine, with a friendly bouquet and it had an excellent up front taste and nothing disappointing in the back end.  A perfect accompaniment to a sumptuous dining experience!  

Bangkok, we have found your perfect pizza! Long live the new perfect pizza king – Délices de Capoue!

Website – Délices de Capoue

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