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Bar Review – Changwon Express

Bar Review – Changwon Express

Feel like a tipple before heading to the MRT? Then check out our review of Changwon Express, right on the doorstep of MRT Petchaburi and with some great beers and fusion food snacks. They first started as a Korean fusion food / craft beer joint. Currently, They have their beers and bars. As they stated on their site to bring new culture as well as lifestyle with craft beers.

As a Korean-Mexican restaurant, Changwon Express. The Korean owner Ted Anh makes the shop very easy to find. Because the restaurantis near the opposite side of Petchaburi road. So it becomes more convenient for customers who are travelling by MRT on exit 3. The small shop is designed in loft style with bright yellow on the walls which is very eyes-catching.

Bright yellow on the walls which is very eyes-catching.

The atmosphere inside Changwon Express is comfy and cozy. The wooden bar area is special because you can overlook the kitchen from less than a mile away. Furthermore, the decoration of Changwon Express, you can see an huge painting wall of Changwon City within the shop. As you sit down, the light colored chairs and tables immediately bring you the friendly feelings and comfortable mood to relax.

There are 9 draft beers on tap from imported Thai beers to foreign imported craft beers. But don’t forget their signature beer brewed in Korea. If you are lucky to come on the Pairing Night in Changwon Express , there’ll be new dishes and delicious beers for a good time. With selection of 20 imported bottled craft beers inside the cooler such as La Trappe, Modern Times, Evil Twin and many other brands. You can use as you pleased.

Changwon Express serves very limited food. Their Mexican Seafood Salad with prawn, tomato and nacho on the cup, makes a good start. Following with Mexican-Korean style, Kimchi Taco really is an A plus from us. There are more delicious food that you would want to share if you come with friends. Additionally, if you want to host a party, Changwon Express is a perfect place to celebrate the event such private,  reunion, wedding, birthday and more.

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