Home Style Fashion Going Buffet Korean in Phrakanong – ‘Kogi Jip’

Going Buffet Korean in Phrakanong – ‘Kogi Jip’

Going Buffet Korean in Phrakanong – ‘Kogi Jip’

Kogi Jip provides a delicious Korean buffet or all-you-can-eat BBQ at a reasonable price. Situation on the corner of Sukhumvit 71 and the main road, it is easy to access from BTS Phrakanong


Recently opened a year ago, Kogi Jip is a Korean BBQ restaurant located conveniently a few steps away from Prakanong BTS station at the corner of Sukhumvit 71 road. The Korean Chef and owner does not compromise on the quality of the meat and ingredients selected and the traditional homemade side dishes like kimchi, dipping sauces. The restaurant is well known by the Korean and Japanese community living in the area.

The Vibe

Kogi Jip, can be translated as meat house, welcomes you with a casual and urban style dining in Phrakanong. It is replete with large street art design and graffiti signed by clients on the wall. The all-you-can-eat BBQ is available for both lunch and dinner at only 299 Thai Baht for 90 minutes. The dishes are prepared on a gas grill directly at the dining table.

The food

The buffet has a nice selection to choose from, including soups, pickled vegetables, Kimbap, dipping sauce, pork or chicken meat that can be marinated.

Go closer to the buffet and pick up a few items for your table. We decided to open our stomach with a hot kimchi soup.

Delicious Kimchi soup starter

The soup was nicely spicy up with the chili and balanced with the subtle sour taste from cabbage. The owner assisted us to cook our meat over the flame. She started with pork belly and pork collar. Once the meat is half cooked, she proceeds to cut into slice the meat and let it cook for another few minutes. The best way to savor the unmarinated pork belly and pork collar, start to pick up a lettuce leave, add a perilla leaf (kkaen-nip 깻잎) adding a nice minty and licorice taste, then place the meat inside the leaves and then dip in one of the sauce.

I have a personal preference for the Ssam Jang, a chili and bean paste, very tasty with a nutty flavor. For an authentic Korean flavor, you can as well dip your meat directly into the black bean powder complementing wonderfully the fatty pork meat.

The Meats

Up then, you can start cooking the marinated meats. We begin with marinated pork with soy sauce which is a great way to appreciate the flavors of the marinated meat. pick up some slices of onion. The same goes on for the soybean paste marinated pork. It is recommended to cook last the chili sauce marinated chicken and pork which will allow you to savor fully the previous meat. It is highly recommended to begin with least flavored and to end up with the spiciest.

To complement the meat, feel free to help yourself with a few side dishes. The homemade kimchi is succulent.

Kogi Jip is a great place for casual dining with a group of friends. When accompanied by a few beers and Soju you can immerse yourself in Korea at a bargain price.

Their website – Kogi Jip

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