Home Style Delivery Delivery : Delightful artisan food at ‘Sourced Grocers’

Delivery : Delightful artisan food at ‘Sourced Grocers’

Delivery : Delightful artisan food at ‘Sourced Grocers’

For this particular review of ‘Sourced Grocers’ my anticipation was high! I had heard good things about these guys from many reliable sources and I was quite hopeful that the it was as good as I had heard. The outcome? My expectations were not met, there were exceeded! So rarely does it all come together for a venue to consistently deliver high quality, hand crafted meals that represent the varied ingredients in great esteem.

Brick Pressed Panini Grilled Vegies

Sourced Grocers
Brick Pressed PaniniGrilled Vegies – Sourced Grocers

To start of with, the ciabatta bread was a marvellous almost slight gooey texture that had a slight creamiest to it, yes we are talking about bread. Sourced Grocers achieve this by working with a bread-maker on their own special and unique recipe. Next the grilled vegetables were quite exquisite, we are talking about a combination of grilled zucchini, eggplant and avocado with mozzarella cheese and pesto, which all comes together in a mouth watering and delightful experience.

Creamy Pesto with roasted cherry tomatoes

Sourced Grocers
Creamy Pesto with roasted cherry tomatoes – Sourced Grocers

Simply describing this as creamy just doesn’t cut it. This is super creamy with a lovey richness to it – great fresh pesto, home-made as is all of their sauces. I would love to hear from you in the comments, what you think about this! Personally I found it quite sensational!

Grilled chicken sandwich

Sourced Grocers
Grilled chicken sandwich – Sourced Grocers

Sourced Grocers has a winner here, they could build a business of this alone. It’s luscious and occasionally decadent even right down to the bread. The green rocket contrasts nicely against the silky slight sweet mozzarella cheese. Again counter balanced by the sourdough.

Chicken Parmigiana

Sourced Grocers
Chicken Parmigiana – Sourced Grocers

I have had many a Parmigiana, and I considered myself well versed., coming from a country where this was the special of the week in your local pub. But Sourced Grocers got it right here. The reason being is is the balance, the chicken is delicate and tender fresh, without be too bold, too thick and overwhelming the palate with a dryness. The sauce is extremely well made, again a lovely balance of savoury goodness with a hint of sweetness.. To top it off, a master use of fresh mozzarella from Thailand. I hasten to encourage you to try this, and PLEASE let us know in the comments below, are we right or what? is this the best chicken Parmigiana in town?

Cheese sticks

Nice generous sized, quite a good texture inside, not gluey or overly glugy.


The Commons, Thonglor Soi 17 10110 Bangkok, Thailand, Bangkok 10110

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