Home Style Delivery Delivery: 17 different types @ Gallery Pizza + more!

Delivery: 17 different types @ Gallery Pizza + more!

Delivery: 17 different types @ Gallery Pizza + more!

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza, all kinds of pizzas and I know that Gallery Pizza has the largest selection of different types of pizzas in Bangkok.

There’s not much to say except who doesn’t love a good thin-crust chewy pizza with all your favorite toppings?

Gallery Pizza is a delivery company with 2 outlets in Bangkok. One in Sathorn and the other in Ekkamai, that has been open for over 4 years now.
A little history on our Gallery Pizza team! Before they opened Gallery Pizza, they traveled to Italy and spent 4 months learning, eating, and drinking with some of the top pizza chefs in the country. They wanted to bring back the best recipe for all of Bangkok to enjoy, and they definitely did!

They import all the cheese, meats, flour, and other products direct from Italy to ensure the best quality possible.

Vodka pie pizza now this is something completely new and very interestingly different. Furthermore, this pizza definitely is worth a shot to try because it is a very simple savoury with a very light tomatoey taste. Chunks of buffalo mozzarella splattered all over the pizza that’s pretty cool. The pizza comes nice and hot! Not soggy.

The red Italian was also very interesting because I love black olives splattered all over my pizza like chunks of hail. I love the way Gallery Pizza does the crust because it is thin but the crust part is nice and chewy! Although my friend ate the entire Red Italian, except the one-piece which he so graciously left for me!

They were four kinds of pizzas that were delivered, I tried the ones that I’ve never tried before and let me tell’ya….really appetizing! Additionally, I didn’t know how good it was til I tried!! I am gonna blame my COVID-19 weight gain on these large pizza’s … JK!!

With more than 17 different kinds of pizzas. The next thing is they also have a buy 2 get 2 offer. This is the perfect place order if you having a large gathering. During COVID-19 times which of course at this point in time we cannot mix and mingle. However, you can order mix-and-match and definitely have some for breakfast the next day!

I really enjoy the white garlic chicken pizza (see the picture above) because it was something different. I’ve never really tasted white sauce pizza and kind of apprehensive and stayed away from it. Nevertheless, it tasted like having cheese and chicken and bread. The cheese was ooey and gooey, long and stringy great fresh mozzarella. It really tasted like garlic bread with chicken on it was really flavoursome.

The New Yorker pizza really, really took me back to having pizza on the streets of New York City, in Manhattan. By the way, I love the way New Yorkers eat their pizza. As a matter of fact, the amount of pizza that was delivered, I ended up toasting the pizza in my toaster oven for an extra crispy crunch to the crust next morning. I love cold pizza the morning after with coffee!

Gallery Pizza uses our own delivery drivers to ensure the product arrives fast and fresh!

Customers can order through fb, website and call them as well, information listed below.

Very grateful for the guys I spoke to and dealt with at Gallery Pizza for putting art into their pizza’s!! Staying safe during this time is super important and I thank each and every person who made these delectable delights!

With love,


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