Home Style Delivery Delivery : Foresta Woodfiredoven Pizza

Delivery : Foresta Woodfiredoven Pizza

Delivery : Foresta Woodfiredoven Pizza

We recently had the opportunity to review Foresta Woodfiredoven Pizza. The owner, Sherry started quite recently on 12 December 2019. She had worked in the hospitality business and TV business (Bectero ) for a total of 20 years off and on.

Initially she aimed to start her business when she was 40, but had to wait until 45. As a food lover and someone who loves to travel and finding good food and yes  good pizza and wines. 2 years ago I went to Italy with my hubby (we both love traveling, good food , good wine ) I falling in love this country pizza and this is become my idea to do pizza place . Foresta Woodfiredoven Pizza has a style of pizza that is closer to fusion as opposed to Italian. But it does insist on using Italian dough for sure.

Take away : order through the shop by phone then come to pick up by yourself   And all delivery hubs Locall.bkk , Grab food , Line man , Food panda and hungry hub

Spicy Bacon Pizza

Foresta Woodfiredoven Pizza

For lovers of bacon, this pizza has decent sized strips of bacon with an island of cut chillies sitting in the middle. It’s a meaty, spicy pizza that should have a broad range of appeal. It leans into the thai flavour and that is further enhance with its usage of Holapa or Thai Basil.

Tom Yum Pizza

Foresta Woodfiredoven Pizza

This pizza meets firmly at the intersection of Thai and Italian cuisine. To say its fusion is understatement. They have managed to create a quite a reasonable reproduction of the complexities of Tum Yum into the pizza. Their secret homemade tom yum sauce being a combination of galangal ,coriander, spice, Kaffir lime leaves and also chicken. Making for a complex pizza, much similar to the complexities of much of Thai cuisine!

Hawaiian Pizza

Foresta Woodfiredoven Pizza

Ahh the great pineapple on pizza debate. Should you or shouldn’t you add pineapple? For me, I grew up with pineapple on pizza, Hawaiian was a very popular product from Pizza Hut (when it was more a destination restaurant with the Hut thing going on). Foresta Woodfiredoven Pizza has done a reasonable job deepening the love in regards to pineapple on pizzas. Its pineapple and ham, sitting in a creamy bed of cheese on wood-fired crust. Interestedly they add bacon bits to boot, just in case you feel there’s not enough pork going on.

The Wings – Buffalo & Honey Garlic

Now this is decidedly different to the many wings we have consumed over the years. The first was the buffalo wings, very much a Thai spin on things. Not so much in a bad way but more in a don’t think you had these kind of wings before. The only real surprise on these guys ways how quiet they were up front in terms of spice, only to really ramp things up at the backend, which is not so bad if you appreciate a good heat level as I do!

After that we had the honey garlic wings, honestly not something i have had before so it was a new taste experience for me! It’s again what i think of as a Thai taste, a little bit sweet and a little bit of garlic. No real surprise there considering the ingredients, and certainly an alternative if you are not a fan of spicy!

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