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‘Bourbon Street’ real Cajun and Creole – Review

‘Bourbon Street’ real Cajun and Creole – Review

If you want real Cajun and Creole food to take you back to NOLA, Bourbon Street is the place.  It just doesn’t get any better than Bourbon Street.  A city staple that has been bringing the bayou to Bangkok since 1986.  It has been run by owner Doug Harrison the whole time and you can usually find him sitting at the corner of the bar keeping a close eye on his pride and joy.  He’s a friendly smiling face that makes everyone feel warm and welcome.  Always happy to get feedback from his patrons, so feel free to say hello and let him know what you think.  Mention Bangkok Eats and he will throw in a free dessert on the house!  

Bourbon Street

I have been going there ever since I moved here about six years ago and can’t say enough good things about it.  Consistency is the key.  Whenever I go there, I know I am going to get the same delicious taste every time I dine.  Most of Doug’s chefs and crew have been with him for years, preparing his traditional and original recipes to his specifications just as they should.  It’s crazy, the things you miss when you move out of country.  The cravings for a taste of New Orleans started not long after arriving.  I never would have thought I could find authentic Cajun food here in Bangkok.  You know I had almost given up hope but Bourbon Street was my savior, so you know I was happy when Doug gave the nod to come and give a review.


Bourbon Street
Outside of Bourban St.

It is located about two hundred fifty meters in from Sukhumvit on Ekkamai Road on the left, you’ll see the little black and white street sign, Bourbon St. and the glow of the gas lamps flickering in the evening in a cute little pastel colored building.  The second you walk in the door, prepare to be dazzled.  It’s a beautiful restaurant lavishly done up in wood with high ceilings.  You can look down over the main dining room from the second floor seating.  A huge fish tank runs the length of the bar filled with colorful fish really adds to the appeal.  Bourbon Street has atmosphere that is warm and welcoming.  You can come here to relax and feel right at home. 

The Drinks

Bourbon Street

Ok, well, let’s get into it.  First off, you have got to get a Hurricane.  How can you go to a Cajun restaurant and not have a Hurricane?  Come on!  Let me just warn you, these aren’t for those wimpy types.  It has four shots of rum in it, so despite the delicious taste, don’t try and down three or four of these babies and think you are going to drive home.  YOU’RE NOT!  They are good though, I’ll give him that.  They also have plethora of beers and a full bar to kill whatever your thirst may be. I think we ate just about everything in the restaurant.  You know how Dem Cajuns are, they gonna make sure you have had your fill, and then some. 

Fire Wings

Fire Wings

The first thing I had to try were the fire wings.  My mate has been talking them up to me for almost a month, going on and on about these wings over at Bourbon Street.  I had never ordered them there because I am usually going to get my Cajun fix, but I am going to have to thank that dude because the wings are awesome.  They have a good kick to them and come with Blue Cheese dressing or Ranch.  I am really glad I gave them a try. 

Chef’s Salad

Doug brought out a Chef’s Salad that was the biggest salad I have ever seen in my life!  This thing had everything but the kitchen sink in it!  If you like salads, order it.  You won’t be disappointed. 

Popcorn shrimp

I always order the popcorn shrimp when I go there.  I know it’s nothing fancy but they are good and I love them.  He serves those up with his Tiger Sauce.  I had never tried that either.  I like mine with ketchup but Doug called me out on that this time.  He said “Son, try that Tiger Sauce!  It’s what I’m serving them with.”  Again, glad he steered me in the right direction as it was quite tasty.  

Shrimp Gumbo

Shrimp Gumbo

Next up we had the shrimp gumbo, which I love.  It tastes just like back home.  To me, gumbo is the heart of Cajun food and New Orleans.  It’s my favorite.  I always get it and always love it.  I don’t think I would be full without it.  It has a deep rich flavor and smooth mild spice to it, big shrimp, pieces of celery, onions, and bell peppers or the “Holy Trinity” as he calls it cooked down into yumminess.   It’s a delicious dish.  Don’t leave Bourbon Street without trying it!

I think that concludes the appetizers.  I told ya, Dem Louisiana folk go big.  You not gonna leave hungry, that’s for sure.  That would have been enough food for some people, but not us!

Blackened Golden Snapper

Blackened Golden Snapper

Entrees, they make a really nice Blackened Golden Snapper doused in spices and blackened in a traditional cast iron skillet to perfection.  It was two nice sized tender fillets of fish.  Great blackened taste.  It came with a side of sautéed zucchini, dirty rice and a thick slice of cornbread.   They offer a wide selection of veggies with most entrées.   It is worth noting that they make damn good cornbread.  I wouldn’t lie to ya. 

Shrimp etouffee

They make a pretty good shrimp etouffee with a nice rich roux.  It brings all the hallmarks of Cajun cooking together, the Holy Trinity, seafood, roux, and traditional Cajun spices.  Another favorite of mine. 

red beans and rice

Their red beans and rice are great.  It is served up with smoked Andouille sausage.   The smoked sausage and beans complement each other beautifully.   It was not something I ate much back home, but it’s something I always get now when I go there.  Really good. 

Riverboat Chicken

You have to try the Riverboat Chicken!  This was my first time to try it and it’s off the chain!  It’s a couple tender little chicken breasts, broiled and topped with spicy barbecued shrimp and smothered in a savory sauce with a hint of cloves.  I mean, this is good.  Nestled up next to a bed of rice, zucchini, and some cornbread.  New Favorite, right there.  They have a huge array of sausages from Andouille, Chaurice, Italian with cheese, to Boudin and Chorizo.  They are all prepared by his professional butcher to specifications.  

Bar B Q ribs

We thought we were done there, but we were wrong.  Doug calls in an order of ribs for us, you know, cause we still looked hungry.  They have both Hickory smoked ribs and Bar B Q ribs.   I saw that he has steaks and ribs, Mexican, lamb, pizza and even some Thai dishes on the menu, but I just never thought to try any of that there.  Man, I am glad he ordered them up.  These ribs were fantastic!!!  You talk about ribs so tender and juicy that the meat is just falling off the bone.  Brother, let me tell you, it wasn’t falling off the bone, it was jumping off the bone.  These were some of the best ribs I have had in while.  Great BBQ sauce on them and just cooked perfectly.   I would highly recommend giving them a go the next time you drop by.

Dessert – Bananas Foster

Finally, we were done.  As we sat there about to pop, full as ticks, Doug spins around in his chair “I know you got some room for dessert!  Can you bring them a Bananas Foster.”  Oh my god!!!  He’s trying to kill us!  I didn’t even know what Bananas Foster was, but I can tell you now, DELICIOUS!  It is a banana dessert, obviously, but with sauce made from butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, dark rum, and banana liqueur.  They cook the butter, sugar and bananas then add the alcohol and set it on fire!!  They serve it up with two big ‘ol scoops of vanilla ice cream.  I was amazed at how good this is.  Do yourself a favor and get ya some of this.  

Bourbon Street, one of the best.  It has been here for many years and I can assure you, it will be here for many more to come.  If you want a true taste of New Orleans or just good food in general, get on in there and treat yourself to something authentic.  You deserve it.  You won’t regret it. 


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