Home Style Fashion Be prepared to tantalize your tastebuds at Gianni Ristorante!

Be prepared to tantalize your tastebuds at Gianni Ristorante!

Be prepared to tantalize your tastebuds at Gianni Ristorante!

Let me introduce you to one of the finest Italian restaurants that I have been to in Bangkok, Thailand. Gianni Ristorante is one of Bangkok’s best-loved and most enduring Italian restaurants for more than 24 years and counting. With a very loyal client base, they have treated guests to unique experiences across an exquisite culinary journey.

Bold, exciting flavours enjoyed in a rich dark interior, intimate setting with very personal service makes dining at Gianni a truly unique experience.

When you come to Gianni Ristorante you can definitely be assured that you will get impeccable service and quality of food on the menu!

Let’s begin, with, of course, the homemade bread, 100% fresh and nourishing the carb craving. We had a chance to pick from a selection in which the server comes and presents you with different types of comestibles. I chose the one that I thought was charcoal, however, it was made with squid ink. I have tried squid ink pasta but never squid ink bread and to my sheer delight it was absolutely delicious dipped in balsamic and olive oil. Another MUST try are the tall and crispy breadsticks.

Bread selection

When Chef Gianni started preparing our delectable lunch, we were definitely up for a huge surprise and can’t wait to dive right into this magnificent feast of tasty delights. A long time favourite Gianni has been serving classic Italian cuisine in Bangkok for years. There’s definitely a good reason why people keep coming back for more and more.

Battuta di Gamberi
Tartar of Red Prawn Cured with Olive Oil & Horseradish Majo 

Battuta di Gamberi, was so pretty in the presentation I really didn’t want to eat it. Although when I did start tasting this delicious appetizer it was very well prepared. The fresh raw meat of the crustaceans had an exquisite light crunchiness. The added drizzle of olive oil to the already the wonderful tartare of red prawn and horseradish mayo. The horseradish mayo, the decorative edible art mixed up all your senses in such a wonderful way.

NV Prosecco Treviso D.O.C. , ”Brut”, Casa Gheller

The Prosecco shows itself in the glass in a delicate gold yellow and with an elegant, fine perlage. On the nose, it enfolds a bouquet of delicate fruity green and red apples and light citrus fruit. On the palate lively and elegant, fresh and stimulating by the long-lasting, tender perlage. An elegant Prosecco Spumante by Casa Gheller, which makes you want more. I thoroughly enjoyed this excellent Prosecco Spumante as an aperitif with my Battuta di Gamberi.

Prosecco is a typical wine of the Veneto region. The production area extends in the province of Treviso in the DOC area of Prosecco, including the hills of morainic origin and the plain with medium-textured soils of alluvial origin.

Gianni Ristorante
Golden Fried Sweetbreads, Artichokes & Parmesan Fondue 

These delicate, creamy morsels are the favoured offal of many a chef and gastronome. These delicate sweetbreads were exquisitely prepared and beautifully served. It’s a neglected delicacy that has been making a recent comeback. I had heard about sweet bread many years ago however I didn’t really divulge into this delicacy. According to historians, they are called “sweet” because they taste richer and sweeter compared to typical meat, and they are “bread” because the old English word for flesh is “bræd”. If you want to try something a little off the beaten path this is definitely the dish for you.

Gianni Ristorante
2015 Grillo “Family & Friends”, Feudo Maccari

Next, Gianni Ristorante presented us with this wine paired with the sweet bread which has a very oaky aroma with gentle notes. Aromas of toasted oak, hazelnut and espresso lead the nose. The oak sensations carry over to the firm palate, along with the citrus zest, yellow-apple skin and a confectionery note. 

The Starters

Gianni Ristorante
Cannelloni “alla Norma”
Eggplant Filled Cannelloni, Tomato & Ricotta “alla Norma” 

This had to be one of my favorite of the entrées that was served for lunch at Gianni Ristorante. Inside cannelloni was the most delicious creamiest eggplant with spices that teased your palette, wanting more.

Gianni Ristorante
2017 Nebbiolo “Coste”, Principiano

The “Coste” by Principiano is a fresh, enchanting Nebbiolo d’Alba. There is no oak used in maturation for this wine, it’s all about fruit. The juicy red cherry and floral top notes of Nebbiolo strutting from the glass.

The Mains

Beef Filet “Rossini” with Foie Gras, Marsala Sauce & Black Truffles 

Beef Rossini or Tournedos Rossini is a classic french steak dish where the fillet steak is served with a crouton and a pan-seared slice of foie gras, classicly served with fresh truffle and a Madeira glaze. Just a bit of history,
It is said that the dish was first made in Café Anglais in Paris. It was created for and named in honour of the Italian composer, Gioachino Antonio Rossini. This dish was truly amazing in every way! Chef Gianni truly has mastered this art.

Gianni Ristorante
Palette Refresher

A nice refreshing citrus sorbet to re-energize our palette for the upcoming dessert.

Gianni Ristorante
Foresta Nera
Dark Chocolate Sponge Cake, Fresh Cherry

How to describe this German chocolate cake? The presentation, the artistic plating and a wonderful combination of flavors. If you are not a dessert person I would highly recommend this. If you are a dessert person then definitely order this. Spending a vast majority of your afternoon here doesn’t seem like it, as the time passes by so quickly! The elegant atmosphere, non-stop service and the ambience you can really enjoy your visit.

Gianni Ristorante
Fruit Tree

Gianni Favro’s dedication to his culinary art has be set since his career started with his pursuit of exquisite fine dining and service standards that are some of the best in the country.

This ristorante has an enviable wine cellar and is able to offer more than 250 labels of the most perfectly selected and balanced Italian imported wines. At Gianni Ristorante, they ensure on curating an extensive collection of the highest qualities which we store at exact and constant temperatures to preserve their integrity.

Located in 63 Athenee Tower, this place is a must for those who want to set the bar high! Chef Gianni continues to offer truly authentic Italian dishes made with freshly imported ingredients. Popular dishes can run out quickly so phone ahead and book. Love the location, love the layout of the restaurant and five-star service at Gianni Ristorante, you definitely have to try this please but make sure you reserve ahead of time to ensure a table.

Thank you to all of the staff and the brilliant creative Chef Gianni who made this lunch with care.

With Love,


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