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Culinary Convergence: Unveiling “This and This”

Culinary Convergence: Unveiling “This and This”

In a culinary landscape where stories are etched in flavors, “This and This” emerges as a testament to passion and culinary finesse. Guided by the deft hands and discerning taste of owners Bernard Condrau and his wife, Thinnakorn Banmoo. This establishment weaves together tradition and innovation in a tapestry that beckons discerning palates.

Having ventured into the world of owning a restaurant in Hong Kong, Thinnakorn brings a seasoned touch to their joint endeavor. Retirement, for some, is a tranquil interlude; for Bernard Condrau and his wife, it was an opportunity to savor a new chapter. Drawing from his wife’s experience of owning a restaurant in the vibrant streets of Hong Kong, the duo embarked on a new venture that celebrates the art of hospitality. Their commitment to kindling joy through exceptional dining experiences culminated in “This and This.”

The name “This and This” might seem unassuming, but it is symbolic of the culinary blend they offer: a fusion of Thai and Western cuisines, each dish carrying its own narrative.

Housed in the former Avatar space, the restaurant boasts a fresh ambiance brought to life by extensive remodeling. Yet, it manages to retain an inviting simplicity, drawing focus towards the culinary offerings.

The Nua Pad Nam Hoy is an embodiment of their culinary philosophy, featuring prime Australian beef tenderloin and local vegetables. The dish strikes a harmonious balance, with the beef’s quality shining through, complemented by the fresh crispness of the vegetables.

Venturing into the realm of Thai favorites, the Pla Kapong Rad Prik Sot took center stage. A crispy fish adorned with chili sauce, this dish is a testament to Thai culinary artistry. Its presence on the menu ensures a delightful nod to local palates, regardless of one’s cultural background.

While the inclusion of the Zürcher Geschnetzeltes with Rösti might seem unexpected in this lineup, it adds a European twist to the narrative. This Swiss specialty is a combination of roasted potatoes and is offered with pork tenderloin or chicken breast replacing veal (which is quite hard to source in Thailand) with mushrooms, a nod to the restaurant’s endeavor to traverse culinary borders.

The revival of the Cordon Bleu brings a nostalgic note to the offerings. Meat enveloping cheese, breaded and cooked, resonates with familiarity, and the sight of cheese gently oozing is a simple delight.

An added touch to the experience is the live music every Friday night from 7 to 10 pm, infusing an atmosphere of camaraderie.

The new special menu featuring Beef Wellington is yet another chapter to explore in their culinary story. With an array of Thai and European choices, “This and This” caters to diverse preferences.

In a realm where culinary extravagance often takes the spotlight, “This and This” opts for a more restrained approach, letting the dishes speak for themselves. The restaurant is a canvas where flavors intermingle, offering an experience that’s a blend of passion and nostalgia.

Location : 129/9 Hua Hin 73 Alley, Hua Hin, Hua Hin District, Prachuap Khiri Khan 77110


Phone : 0632133736


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