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Savor the Roaring Twenties at Speakeasy Saturdays

Savor the Roaring Twenties at Speakeasy Saturdays

In the heart of Hua Hin, at the stylish Lido within The Standard, lies a hidden gem of gastronomic delight – Speakeasy Saturdays. Transport yourself to the roaring twenties, a time of secretive allure and furtive gatherings, as you indulge in a lunch experience unlike any other. Our recent visit to this clandestine event revealed an enticing array of experiences that tantalized the senses, from themed cocktails to interactive games and an opulent buffet.

The culinary centerpiece of this event was a seafood extravaganza. Freshness and locality take center stage here, with well-chilled oysters hailing from Surat Thani and generous, fleshy prawns sourced from the local Hua Hin waters. The commitment to local produce is evident, even extending to the bread being produced in-house.

Collaboration is key in the kitchen, as Chef Pook and Chef Anthony curate an international buffet complete with live stations for pizza, pasta, waffles, and grills. The brunch experience is customizable, with an option to order bespoke mains specially crafted for Speakeasy Saturdays. Cold cuts, cheeses, French toast, beef carpaccio, and Spanish omelettes beckon, allowing guests to create their culinary narratives. The philosophy of guest involvement is embraced, encouraging a hands-on approach, as exemplified by the “do it yourself” avocado and toast stations.

No Prohibition-themed event would be complete without a nod to the beverages of the era. Alcoholic ice creams offer a refreshing and delicious twist, while the prohibition cocktails, served in teapots and coffee cups, transport you back in time.

But Speakeasy Saturdays is not just about the culinary journey; it’s an immersive experience. Guests can partake in various games such as cricket, cornhole, and horseshoes, or challenge their balancing skills with a giant Jenga. The victors are rewarded with housemade shots, adding an extra layer of excitement and engagement.

The thematic experience is enhanced by the vibrant atmosphere, with guests donning their best flapper costumes and embracing the essence of the prohibition era. Charleston Dancers take the floor, imbuing the event with the vivacious spirit of the 1920s, and inviting guests to step into a world of vintage glamour and exuberance.

For those eager to join this clandestine gathering, The Standard offers a range of drink packages to suit every preference, ensuring an experience tailored to your taste. From the Teetotaller to the Lush, there’s an option for everyone.

  1. The Teetotaller: THB 1,600 includes food and soft drinks
  2. The Bootlegger: THB 2,350 includes beer, wine, house beverages & cocktails
  3. The Lush: THB 2,650 includes free-flowing Prosecco

Speakeasy Saturdays at Lido, The Standard, Hua Hin, beckons every first Saturday of the month, inviting you to revel in an afternoon of clandestine charm. For an escape into the opulent world of the prohibition era, this themed brunch promises an unforgettable gastronomic journey that marries history, entertainment, and culinary excellence.

When: Every 1st Saturday of the month

Where: Lido at The Standard, Hua Hin 

Time: 12.00PM – 3.00PM 


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