Home Style Delivery Delivery : Eat the Rainbow with 100% Yumminess at ‘May Veggie Home’!

Delivery : Eat the Rainbow with 100% Yumminess at ‘May Veggie Home’!

Delivery : Eat the Rainbow with 100% Yumminess at ‘May Veggie Home’!

During these difficult times of COVID-19, I happen to call May Veggie Home and asked for the delivery specials during this very difficult time. They were more than happy to send an incredible care package for lunch. From the killer kale-lime drink right to the vermicelli with fresh basil came the delivery carefully and aesthetically packaged. May’s Veggie Home delivered quality.

As I carefully unwrapped each dish from May Veggie Home I could just imagine immediately how it was going to taste.

Fried Spring rolls with tamarind sauce

Not in any particular order, however, I did unwrap the veggie spring rolls that came with a very delightful sweet Tamarind sauce, fresh basil and a sprig of lettuce. These crispy bite-sized spring rolls yearning to be dipped then eaten in one scrumptious bite! This sweet tamarind sauce is where dreams are made of!

The next dish that I did unwrap was the avocado cut in half with a package of very carefully diced celery, carrots, red and yellow capsicum, beets with pomegranate seeds sprinkle delicately all over. I could hardly wait to dive into deliciousness! The creamy Avacado with the crunchy mixed chopped veggies was a perfect taste combination, especially because the dressing was perfectly seasoned with cilantro, sesame and other yummy goodness.

Shitake mushriom garlic with sticky rice, served with Thai spicy sauce

I must’ve predicted the order of appetizers to the main dish as the next dish was crispy fried mushroom little patties that came with crispy onion sprinkled on top and light lavender-blue sticky rice and the famous spicy Thai sauce for dipping. I had to remind myself this was Vegan as these mushroom patties were so similar in texture, I completely forgot!

Thai vermicelli with mushroom turmeric spicy curry

These slurp-friendly noddles mixed in the in mild spicy Tumeric mushroom curry sauce have our weeknight dinners and lunchtime leftovers covered. Go ahead, slurp for yourself! Make sure you call dibs on the leftovers if there will be any left!!

May’s Veggie Burger

May Veggie Home does Classic Lentil Burgers- made with wholesome ingredients, these veggie burgers have a classic flavour that pairs well with any toppings.  Lastly, but not least, the most incredible sight, May’s famous veggie burger. I’m not sure what they put in the patty, this 100% plant-based vegan burger was sheer delight! It was like I could almost taste all of the ingredients separately in this patty with all the different protein-based lentils mixed with spices for an unforgettable flavour. I added extra basil as I love the fresh Thai basil in almost everything! This burger was moist and fresh, unlike some of the other vegan burgers I have had from other places was kinda dry, however, this one is the best by far! I love the way they put the spicy mayo on the side in a little container because nobody wants to have a soggy bun when eating a delicious vegan burger! The fries were a bit soft for my liking but overall this place for freshness is a 10/10!!

Thai Tea Latte (cereal milk) with organic natural sugar cane homemade syrup.
Organic Italian Kale & Lime (no sugar, Stevia substitute), high fibre, omega3, high antioxidant, full of iron

Both of these drinks were superb! They even sent cups of full of ice so we can taste them chilled ~ so thoughtful and detailed!

May Veggie Home is home is located on
8 Ratchadapisek Rd and due to curfew and social distancing, I highly suggest for all those Vegan or Vegan wannabes to message them on FB messenger or call them directly. They are super responsive and quick!

Very quick response for delivery anywhere in Bangkok and the delivery came 10 minutes before it’s time. Anyone ordering from May’s Veggie home will be completely satisfied.

Please everyone be safe and well!! #killcoronavirusnow #stayhomeandgetdelivery

With Love,



Address: 8 3 Ratchadaphisek Rd, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110


Closes 8PM


 02 118 2967

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