Home Style Delivery Delivery : Can’t get your spicy chicken, then check out ‘Fowlmouth’

Delivery : Can’t get your spicy chicken, then check out ‘Fowlmouth’

Delivery : Can’t get your spicy chicken, then check out ‘Fowlmouth’

Already quite well known, we thought we would see how Fowlmouth fared with their delivery options of their unique Nashville Hot Chicken. This Nashville Hot Chicken uses a blend of cayenne, habanero and some bird’s eye chili. Fowlmouth brines their chicken in buttermilk and twice fried, resulting in a great crispy taste with juicy and tender insides.

Note from the Editor : Bangkok Eats is running a series of delivery only reviews to adapt to the challenging time, we review as per the delivered condition.

The Origins

Fowlmouth was a concept born from the fertile entrepreneurial mind of Toey Na Ranong, currently the owner of Chu Chocolate Bar & Crackhouse. Growing up with American friends and having an opportunity to enjoy this kind of international food, he was inspired one hungry night when cruising the net and seeing a story on Nashville Hot Chicken. When a friends’s lease expired in The Commons for a space, he jumped at the opportunity to be the first to bring this type of food to Bangkok.

After 7 years of running Chu cafe it was time for something new, so he plunged into the research phase and tried a bunch of recipes and different techniques for fried chicken. Toey was respectful of the basics of this dish but added their own nuance to it. Whilst Nashville hot chicken gets basted in like a spicy paste after frying, Fowlmouth’s version is basted in french butter and rendered in Sloane’s smoked bacon fat which is collected from all the bacon they serve at the cafe Chu.

In order to be true to the recipe and technique, Fowlmouth uses some of the world’s hottest peppers which have to be imported from the states. The hot (level 3 – mid) has habanero and a bit of ghost pepper in it. Whilst the Extra hot and death has Carolina reapers.

Now since it was delivered we chose to zap it in the microwave for 20 secs, long enough to give it some heat but not so long as to alter the characteristics of the taste too much.


You are doing most restaurants a big favour by ordering directly from them (commissions on delivery apps can be as high as 35%), so contact them first and see if you can help them out. We went to https://fowlmouth.foodie-delivery.com to make our order. The first page will have best seller options, if you are looking for some easy choices. It’s as simple as choosing your quantity and clicking on the red button.

Logging in and registering can be done socially, so therefore minimising the clicks.

Once you finished with your choices, click on My Cart, add your address, (easiest just to enter your building name) and then finalise your order!

The Menu

Loaded Curly Fries – Fowlmouth

Loaded Curly Fries is sure to be a crowd pleaser, its curly fries loaded cheddar cheese, bacon bits and butter milk ranch. The ranch really evens out the taste, with a subtle sweetness coming into play and the bacon bits giving a great texture and hey, who doesn’t like bacon?


Chicken taco – it’s an interesting and novel approach to the taco, starting with a big chunky chicken tender, add in some smooth coleslaw, and pepper delicately with pico de gallo. On the chilli level this rates high, as we did choose the hot setting. The comeback sauce is drizzled liberally over your chunky taco, all sitting on a base of soft flour tortillas. 2 in a box.


Hot Chicken Burger – We ordered our spice level at hot (which was the middle level) but boy did this come our hot & spicy! Glad that we like it like that! The was a generous helping of creamy coleslaw which helped to balance out that spice, additionally it had dill pickles and comeback sauce, well that sauce works, we’re sure to comeback! If you are not use to spicy, you can always tone down the spice level when ordering…


A nice surprise was the fried pickles, perhaps to some this might sound unusal, but we are talking about a wonderful combination of tastes here. We dipped our fried pickles into the maple syrup, which honestly is best sauce for these pickles. ITs the combination of sour and sweet with a touch of friend that really delivers the unique taste experience here. We thoroughly recommend, its well worth a try.


Hot Chicken and Waffles were next up, gotta say this is an interesting dish, we got our normal boneless chicken strips, but what sets it apart is the bed of waffles, the magic is in the Maple Butter, dip your waffle in it or spread generously over your waffle and you got pure indulgence! For the chicken strips we were convinced to use the Jack Daniel’s BBQ Sauce, its got a great tangy taste that works well with the spicy chicken.

Last was The Big Fowl, which is a half chicken with 2 sides and 2 sauces, this is a great snack pack. could feed one person or 2 light eaters.

Worth mentioning is Fowlmouth’s creamy coleslaw and authentic tasting mac and cheese. These sides go quite well with any dish you order (sometimes they are included) so be sure to get yourself some of these.

The sauces

Now admittedly I’m a ‘sauce guy’, that is, i really crave exceptional sauces, especially ones with new or innovative tastes. Foulmouth really deliver here, with recipes grabbed out of the South and home-made according to decades of tradition. The sauces are Buttermilk Ranch Sauce, Mississippi Comeback Sauce, Jack Daniel’s BBQ Sauce and Maple Butter. We kept the decision making simple, we just ordered all of them! Did not regret it, they were all brilliant additions.


If you love chicken, and you love it hot and spicy, then you really need to check Fowlmouth out. Especially if you are yet to experience the Nashville Hot Chicken method! They are delivering right now so don’t miss them!


Unit M6 The Commons, 335 Soi Thong Lor 17, Sukhumvit 55, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110

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