Home Style Delivery Delivery : Eating fresh Lobster with ‘The Lobster Lab’

Delivery : Eating fresh Lobster with ‘The Lobster Lab’

Delivery : Eating fresh Lobster with ‘The Lobster Lab’

The Lobster Lab located in The Commons both Thonglor and Sala Deng was the latest in our delivery review series. A concept from Thammachart Seafood which sources its seafood products worldwide, with an emphasis on sustainable and organic where possible.

Note from the Editor : Bangkok Eats is running a series of delivery only reviews to adapt to the challenging time, we review as per the delivered condition.

Caesar salad – The Lobster Lab does their own Caesar salad which has very decent sized shrimp, with condiments adorning it. some tasty dressing, the bacon is nicely done, with little fat. And of course some egg to boot, this is a healthy start with the taste kept in, not out.

The Lab Caesar

Curly Fries – as you would expect fairly typical curly fries, however these are enhanced by parmesan and truffle mayo, what a great idea! This is what really sets these guys apart. the sweetness of the mayo is offset by the hint of truffle, underlying salty tones

Curly cut fries – Parmesan & Truffle Mayo

Lobster – It’s freshly-caught lobster from either Canada or Maine, provided with a dipping sauce of garlic butter sauce, overall its a nice and tender lobster, reflecting the freshly caught and shipped nature of their logistics.

Croquettes – One bite into these creamy bad boys and your heart is won, its a lovely gooey mushy texture inside. combined with their creamy wasabi sauce…Its not a bad idea to order another serve, three is never enough!

Crispy Fried Oysters – We bit into these crunchy deep-fried oysterFor the photo we forget to add the tartar sauce, but for tasting it was there, and it did off course help with the flavour profile.

Signature Boston Roll – for starters, let’s discuss the roll, it’s an incredibly rich, eggy, buttery brioche roll that is baked everyday using entirely natural ingredients & no preservatives, which is a win in our books!

We bit into all that Lobster goodness, it’s chunks of Live Maine Lobster surrounded by a creamy sauce, unsure of whats in the sauce as its labelled “Secret Sauce” ! We had ours with a side of fresh garden salad and curly fries! In and of itself it completes a meal, and if you want to try something different. The Lobster Lab also have Boston Roll’s girlfriend & The Samurai Crab Roll.

Boston Signature Roll


The Lobster Lab provides a great option for these who love lobster and other seafood. They have a great logistics system to keep the seafood fresh and it really shows. If you are looking for something different to turn up in your delivery box, these guys could be your answer.

Ordering options include;

1)      Website: https://www.thammachartseafood.com/products/restaurant/the-lobster-lab.html

2)      Line@ : @thammachartseafood https://bit.ly/2BaCda9

FOOD PANDA : https://bit.ly/LL-Thonglor-FOODPANDA

LINE MAN : https://bit.ly/thelobsterlab-thonglor19-LINEMAN

GRAB : https://bit.ly/Thammachart_Seafood_GRAB


335 Thong Lo 17 Alley, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110



Line@ :


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