Home Style Delivery Delivery – Southern style Chinese by ‘XOHO Chinese Cafe’

Delivery – Southern style Chinese by ‘XOHO Chinese Cafe’

Delivery – Southern style Chinese by ‘XOHO Chinese Cafe’

XOHO Chinese Cafe is a Chinese concept restaurant with 7 locations, which is quite handy in our new delivery only environment. If you love Chinese then you may want to check these guys out.

Note from the Editor : Bangkok Eats is running a series of delivery only reviews to adapt to the challenging time, we review as per the delivered condition.

XOHO Chinese Cafe

Custard Lava Cake – This one is going be popular, either prepare to fight for the 2 buns in a standard order, or order more! Its a great end to a great meal that even satisfies someone like me, who abhors anything excessively sweet. This works by having the texture of the bun, offset the silky sweetness of the insides.

XOHO Chinese Cafe

Roasted Duck with Egg Noodles – roasted duck marinated with Cantonese BBQ sauce, popular in Thailand and also challenging to find really well prepared duck, this one has the tenderness and marinade that makes it well sought after. Again XOHO Chinese Cafe provides it separated from the soup, you can 5 delicious slices of duck sitting on a bed of egg noodles

XOHO Chinese Cafe

Salted Fish Fried Rice – fried rice Chinese style, with a chucks of salted fish with a soup on the side. Historically is a traditional Chinese food originating from Guangdong province, and was a staple food in Southern China. It is a fish preserved or cured with salt, then liberally distributed throughout a lovely Chinese style fried rice. XOHO Chinese Cafe has done a lovely rendition of the revered dish,

XOHO Chinese Cafe

Hongkong Stir-fried noodles – Fresh thin egg noodles, in particular Cantonese style egg noodles (smaller thickness than usual). Historically a classic Hong Kong and Guangzhou dish, these Hong Kong style noodles are traditionally egg noodles fried in a wok until golden brown and topped with a combination of stir-fried meat, seafood, or vegetables. XOHO Chinese Cafe has made a tangy but light version of this, that comforts the palate.

Shrimp Wonton Soup – XOHO Chinese Cafe provides a hearty soup that comes with delicately wrapped Shrimp wonton in a steaming hot and delicious broth. If you’re unfamiliar with this dish, Wontons are Chinese dumplings wrapped with wonton wrappers. They can be commonly filled with shrimp, ground pork or a combination of shrimp and pork. Today we’re enjoying XOHO Shrimp wontons!


Wang Mai, Pathum Wan District, Bangkok 10330


Closes 9pm


02 013 9027

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