Home Style Delivery Delivery : ‘Two Curries Saphan Kwai’ – Japanese? Indian or both?

Delivery : ‘Two Curries Saphan Kwai’ – Japanese? Indian or both?

Delivery : ‘Two Curries Saphan Kwai’ – Japanese? Indian or both?
Two Curries Saphan Kwai
Chicken Stuffed squid with Sticky Rice – Two Curries Saphan Kwai

This was an interesting little eatery as I was passing by on the BTS in the Saphan Kwai area a while ago. I thought why not give Two Curries Saphan Kwai a try!

I’ve never really tried Japanese curry so I was very interested in trying and seeing with the flavors were. The owner of this place graciously served me squid stuffed with chicken. It can also come stuffed with pork, however, I prefer chicken and it was very tasty. I ended up ordering an extra stuffed squid just because it looks very intriguing. One stuffed squid could probably fill you up so the portions are very good here and the second one would be perfect for the next day or even later for a snack.

Two Curries Saphan Kwai
Indian Curry on Rice – Two Curries Saphan Kwai

The Indian curry was quite deep and flavour rich in the spices which added a nice punch of gusto to the tempura shrimp and the crispy fried chicken. The Indian curry was a little bit milder than the Japanese curry in terms of spiciness.

Two Curries Saphan Kwai
Japanese Curry & Rice – Two Curries Saphan Kwai

The Japanese curry had a very different zestiness so I put my taste buds to the test. It was very savoury and had a spicy undertone to it. So once you eat it it would taste really good and then the spice in it with pretty much kick your taste buds into high gear.

Two Curries Saphan Kwai
Combo Plate – Two Curries Saphan Kwai

Displayed consisted of the really tasty somewhat spicy Japanese curry with carrots the pink sort of things you see on top is the pickled ginger. Nonetheless, it was a good combination of curry with dried crispy chicken and shrimp tempura. The difference of the curries with the Japanese came with carrots and the Indian curry came with potatoes. I quite like the taste of the Japanese curry and had a spicy punch to it.

Those who live around the Saphan Kwai Area will appreciate the local convenience of Two Curries Saphan Kwai. The delivery was very nice and efficient.

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BTS Saphan Kwai

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