Home Style Delivery Delivery: A whole lotta burger @ ‘Junker & Bar’!

Delivery: A whole lotta burger @ ‘Junker & Bar’!

Delivery:  A whole lotta burger @ ‘Junker & Bar’!

Last Friday, a friend of mine and I were sitting around wondering what we should make for dinner. Should we dine in but of course, the dreaded C-word COVD-19, so we went with the obvious choice? What did we feel like eating? So we decided to order from Junker & Bar located conveniently on Suan Phlu Road and splurge on calories. I decided to give Junker & Bar a call and ask for their most popular burgers and of course some salad and pasta in case we wanted a variety of dishes. Two burgers with fries coming right up. Salmon pasta and of course a salad with some grilled chicken. This was a perfect meal to cozy up on the couch after having dinner and watching some Netflix.

Note from the Editor : Bangkok Eats is running a series of delivery only reviews to adapt to the challenging time, we review as per the delivered condition.

Junker & Bar
Salmon Pasta Perfection – Junker & Bar

Salmon Pasta Perfection

I don’t think I’ve ever quite had pasta like this! When the food arrived, it was piping hot and smelled terrific, waiting to be scarfed up immediately. I love when my food is piping hot .. don’t you? The pink salmon filet bits were not mushy in the pasta. The pasta had a slight chilli essence to it so there was no need to add chilli flakes to this wonderfully assembled dish!

Junker & Bar
Junker & Bar

The salad came a bit warm for my liking, however, it was because of the hot grilled chicken on top. The garlic bread was a beautiful addition to the salad and the salmon pasta to eat as it is complementary to each other. I had actually been to this place in November on a Friday night where they had some great live music. Junker & Bar is also known for its amazing gin cocktails. I can definitely attest to that because I had a few there when life was not in upheaval as it is now!

Aloha Burger & Fries

Junker & Bar
Aloha Burger & Fries – Junker & Bar

Quick question to all you burger fans out there. Does pineapple belong on/in a burger? It’s like asking Italians does pineapple belong on pizza, you will always hear .. OMG no way!! However, I do love pineapple. I love it in any way shape or form and as a consequence, I absolutely loved it on my burger, say ALOHA!! All the gusto burgers at Junker & Bar are homemade with Australian Wagyu Beef, unless, of course, is it a chicken or pork burger. The ALOHA burger is made with Australian wagyu beef, along with a slice of ham and a ring of fresh pineapple made your taste buds burst with delight! The slight sweetness of the pineapple along with the saltiness flavour of the beef and the rest of the condiments mixed with ease to eat this delicious burger. Be adventurous and try this one out – your tastebuds will thank you!

Original Junker Burger & Fries

Junker & Bar
Original Junker Burger & Fries – Junker & Bar

My friend ordered the original wagyu beef burger with cheese and of course French fries. He didn’t know which one to start first the juicy enticing HUGE burger and fries or the salmon pasta and salad? Slowly throughout the evening, we ended up eating all of it! Yes, folks, these are COVID times! These burgers are not the type of burgers that you gobble up in three or four bites. These big, fat, thick n juicy burgers are meant to chow down slowly and ingest them.

Wrapping up

When COVID-19 restrictions are over and uplifted make sure you go there on a night where you can enjoy the live music from some of the most talented musicians here in Thailand.

You can sip slowly on some zesty gin cocktails. Always make sure to ask the servers/bartenders of their recommendation for the tastiest ones!

If Burgers are your thing then Junker & Bar is definitely the place for you! They have a vast selection of burgers. Go nuts because you will gourmandize each and every one of them in no time!!

Make sure you mention this article when placing your delivery order – who knows what surprise you may get?

Eat and be healthy and safe in these times of COVID!

With love



Thanon Suan Phlu, Thung Maha Mek, Sathon, Bangkok 10120

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