Home Style Delivery Delivery : American goodness from ‘The Garage Burger & Grill’

Delivery : American goodness from ‘The Garage Burger & Grill’

Delivery : American goodness from ‘The Garage Burger & Grill’

The Garage Burger & Grill located in the All Seasons Place building on wireless road giving easy access to some of the bigger Embassies in the area, and not surprisingly, the American Embassy is located quite close by, handy when you are selling American comfort food!

The Sliders

The Garage Burger & Grill does a range of sliders, which is fantastic option when you don’t know which burger you want just get them all (but in mini size!). We just gonna mention our top selections, kicking of with the blue cheese, ‘One Bleu Over the Cuckoo’, its a lovely punch of blue cheese goodness, obviously a quite a strong taste, but fanstastic for lovers of blue cheese, love the name too!

Next, ahh the Italian taste of the meatball slider! (The RED STALLION) lovely, perfect marinara sauce. Next, the Oink oink, a BBQ Pulled Pork topped with homemade coleslaw….hmmm nice!. Who can resist bacon? it’s brilliant, brilliant bacon! Combined with a lovely melted cheese The Cooper Square is great for those who adore their hamburgers.

  • One Bleu Over the Cuckoo
  • T. I. T. (This is Thailand)

Chicken Wings

If you stick close to my reviews, you will know I’m a fan of great sauces, so when i saw the opportunity to explore a bunch of flavour with The Garage Burger & Grill chicken wings – i went for it! Suffice to say, there are enough different tastes that if you get a mixed lot, you sure to find something you like. The wings come in Buffalo Wings, BBQ wings or Honey Mustard Wings with an assortment of sauces.

Macho nacho Chili con Carne

It’s a blend of the usual suspects, Chili con Carne, Salsa, Cheese, fresh Herbs and Veggies, with a dollop of sour cream on top, sitting on a layer of corn chips. I reheated this a bit under the toaster oven, just for some extra kick. This makes for great comfort food with its Tex Mex approach to Nachos. It is also available with Pulled Pork or Cumin Chicken or just Cheese for the Vegetarians.

The Onion Hot dog

The Onion dog is done with 2 kinds of onions topping, caramelized onions and fried onions. The dog itself comes from a small local supplier specializing in various meat products. I choose to add some of the sauces i had left over from the wings, just to give it some zesty taste!

Chicken Parmigiana

Its a juicy and lightly breaded chicken breast meat with freshly made spaghetti and covered in a robust marinara sauce and melted cheese. Its a real delight for lovers of this type of food, and there is thankfully, plenty of marinara sauce to go around!


For SLIDERS and BURGERS there is usually a choice of fries (unless otherwise stated ). Which they give you the option of Steak Fries (Skin-On), French Fries, or Sweet Potato Fries

If you’re looking for some honest to goodness diner food, with a great chunk of Americana throw in, you need not look any further than The Garage Burger & Grill. They are open for delivery everyday 10am-8pm.

Best Ways to order

Call direct for orders – 026853626
10%OFF M-F / 20%OFF Sat-Sun
Full MENU on www.thegaragebkk.com
Food Panda 10% OFF May

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