Home Style Delivery Delivery: Cookie… Cookie … starts with C … at Art of Eat!

Delivery: Cookie… Cookie … starts with C … at Art of Eat!

Delivery: Cookie… Cookie … starts with C … at Art of Eat!

The very first thing I noticed was the delicious aroma of homemade cookies juts oozing out of the bag. My olfactory glands were on overload. My condo felt like I was at home baking cookies while snowflakes were falling outside my window!! Growing up in 4 seasons, we typically baked more in the winter months as it is too cold to go outside. The smell of fresh-baked goods from Art of Eat filled the air and the feeling of anticipation of how the baked goods were gonna turn out!

Much to my surprise, these cookies from Art of Eat were just that and much more! Cookie Monster would be in heaven with these tasty bites! I hesitate to buy commercial baked goods, but this was an unexpected treat.

Art of Eat

If you want to send a gift to any of your friends, the package is simply done but tasteful in every day. In addition, please make sure you order for yourself also as we all need to indulge once in a while.

The very first thing I think of when I see cookies is Cookie Monster on Sesame Street eating cookies like they’re going out of style. These cookies however you will want to eat because it’s not that they’re out of style it’s because they’re so damn good!

Milk Chocolate with Macadamia Nuts

Art of Eat
Milk Chocolate Nuts

Hold the PHONE … like seriously the tastiest incredible Chocolate Chip cookie with Macadamia nuts! I love the rich chocolate Art of Eat uses. It is pure decadence.

There is a dark chocolate orange brookie n this plate! I know it is dark pure cocoa with chips of dark chocolate inside, however this unassuming brookie is well named! A combination of a brownie and a cookie is very cleverly thought out!! You brain is confused, am I eating brownie or a cookie but it is both! I think I am a Cookie Monster in disguise as I could eat Art of Eat’s cookies daily but what would my trainer say? heheh!

Art of Eat

I took an aerial view photo to outline the size of cookies. They came individually hand-wrapped with love and care. HUGE big SHOUOUT out to this dessert cookie heaven. All those cookie lovers check out Art of Eat!

Lemon Crinkle

Art of Eat
Lemon Crinkle

OK OK OK, how do I even begin?? Firstly, the Lemon Crinkle is in the center of the plate above, and this picture .. the most, how to even explain how divine that cookie was! It was light lemony with a delicate crunch on the outside. Covered with powdered sugar, this cookie is the perfect match with a cuppa tea! Also if you have a sugar craving, this is it!!

Pink Salted Caramel

Art of Eat
Pink Salted Caramel

Secondly, this Pink Salted Caramel was heaven that came in the form of this cookie! This one, you definitely want to savour and have with coffee & cream with no sugar! The sugar that comes with the cookie, take a small sip and watch it melt in your mouth! The crispy pretzel adds a nice texture overall too!

Art of Eat
Soft Bake Cream Cheese Cookie

Thirdly, the next one is the soft-baked white chocolate with banana (the white one the plate above). The macadamia nut adds the perfect taste combination. The banana essence is very very subtle! This one needs to be in a container in your fridge at all times for that craving of sweet, cream cheese banana. Just can’t get enough!!

Soft-baked maple pecan cookie

Art of Eat
Maple Pecan Cookie

And Finally, for the cookies part, I noticed that the flavouring of the maple was very light overall the sensation of having a maple pecan cookie was like digging into a pecan pie. Nevertheless, if you’re missing home especially for Canadians with all the maple syrup that we eat in Canada in our breakfasts this is a cookie to order.
The consistency, texture, flavour and sweetness in all of Art of Eat cookies were perfect. The chocolate drizzles, the powdered sugar, and the nuts all mixes very well. The craving doesn’t stop once you have eaten a few, just makes you want more and more.

Lave Cake

Art of Eat
Lava Cake

Whoever invented the LAVA cake deserves a standing ovation, and this one for sure does too! I have had other molten lava cakes around the globe. This one, however, blows others away! It can be heated or eaten cold (which I ate it cold). The smooth, silky rich and sinfully dark lava cake is a no-brainer, even if you get only 1, you will regret not getting more!

Here are some instructions: •friendly reminder• – If you keep the chocolate lava in the fridge, please warm it up for about 20 seconds in the microwave (for the gooey texture). Unless you prefer having it cold, that’s fine too (it will have a texture similar to fresh chocolate just without the molten part) – For the cookies, if you keep them in the fridge, please warm them up for about 10 seconds (for the soften texture) They can be kept in room temperature for about 3-5 days and 7 days in the fridge.

I seriously do not think they will last longer than 24 hours as they are too good to leave any in the cookie jar!

Art of Eat is my go-to place for cookies and other delicious yummies like the Lava Cake. The Chocolate they use is incredible quality as I am a chocolate connoisseur! I can taste quality chocolate and this is superb. In addition to the chocolate, all the ingredients they use are first class!

Art of Eat can be found on FB and posted specials so make sure you place the order before they run out **any nut allergies** please let them know!

A BIG hearty thank you for Art of Eat and staff for allowing my tastebuds a joy ride!!

With love and gratitude,




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