Home Style Delivery Delivery : Doing it Chinese style at ‘Gyoza Table’

Delivery : Doing it Chinese style at ‘Gyoza Table’

Delivery : Doing it Chinese style at ‘Gyoza Table’

Gyoza Table opened recently in Feb 2020 , Just 3 Months Ago. The owners opened Gyoza Table , because they loved eating Gyoza but were finding it hard to find tradition Gyoza. Their store is locate at 101 True Digital Park , 1 Fl. You can order delivery via Lineman , be sure to look out for their many promotions in the Lineman App.

In some parts of the world, Gyoza are also known as potstickers. Making these Japanese potstickers crispy golden brown on the outside and super juicy inside is quite easy and of course way better than take away!!

Gyoza is a dumpling filled with ground meat and vegetables wrapped with a thin skin. 饺子 (jiǎo zi; the original Chinese word for Gyoza 餃子) was adopted to Japanese cuisine from Manchuria which is in northern China.

Original Gyoza

First I heated up for 40 secs in the microwave to sharpen the taste a bit. I decided to start with the original version from Gyoza Table which was steamed. Added the sauce.

First thing i notice was they have a lovely distinctive taste, the fillings really do taste fresh and wholesome. There is no bland comparison to those big store deep freeze products .

Fried Gyoza

Next fried gyoza, they managed to do these just right, not over or under cooked. Just a lovely snap crunch as you first bite into them. Interesting the fried ones also have a different taste profile, a bit stronger for somereason.

Ebi gyoza

Gyoza Table makes a wrapping of a prawn/shrimp Ebi gyoza are a fantastic party treat, and as with all gyoza they sit well with almost every setting. This recipe combines the use of earthy flavours such as soy and spinach, and overtones them with prawns to create a rather unique but loveable combination.

Karaage Don

Gyoza Table has provided decent and generous portions that have a luscious chunk of meat. They definitely source well, and pick the best cuts. I may have been confused because normally I expect these things to contain cartilage, which honestly might be exciting for a lot of Asian eaters but kinda turns me off. I was delighted to say these are nothing but pure meat! An absolute delight for me.

Dipping sauce

Gyoza Table does of course provide sauces. Their chili paste is Chinese style , made from many types of Herbs and Dry Chili. If you like chili you will love this.

Most Japanese eat these potstickers with

1. soy sauce only,

2. Soy sauce + rice vinegar, Soy sauce + chilli oil called rayu, or

3. Soy sauce + rice vinegar + chilli oil.

The golden ratio of those sauce is five:four:one. So five soy sauce, four rice vinegar, one rayu chilli oil. Gyoza Table makes their chili paste Chinese style, sources from many different types of Herbs and Dry Chili. If you like chili you will miss it


True digital park, 101, Sukhumvit 101/1, Bangkok 10110


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