Home Style Delivery Delivery: Sara’s Veg .. a true culinary delight!

Delivery: Sara’s Veg .. a true culinary delight!

Delivery: Sara’s Veg .. a true culinary delight!

Oh my gosh, what to say? What an amazing assortment or spread of food that Gaurav sent for delivery from Saras Veg foods! Yes folks, this vegetarian, vegan restaurant has the most amazing foods. Furthermore, this is not your typical eatery, from appetizer to entrées plus over 200 items on the menu. You definitely can’t beat that! In 2010 Saras opened its restaurant doors in downtown Bangkok. Offering the widest possible range of vegetarian food from all over India, and using only traditional ingredients, Saras is a totally unique dining experience.

It is definitely hard to pick what you want to eat and try because there are so many amazing Indian appetizers to sweets!! My suggestion is to try it all but not all at once, your tastebud will explode with joy!! Please check the pictures at the end of the article. Quality, Taste and Quality all the way!

Pani Puri – I have not had this in so many years. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this in my delivery. I was so excited to eat it with the chutney, the chickpeas and pop them in my mouth. They were so good I can hardly wait to go to the restaurant and order. BEWARE: You will probably place more than 1 order of this! HUGE thumbs UP!!

Sara's Veg
Pani Puri

Vada Pao – When I was in Mumbai, I had a chance to try this famous street food. It is a mashed potato patty fried with spices on the outside so it is crispy! Then, they put more delicious chutney on a soft bun and you eat this like a mini slider!!! OMG!! Sara’s Veg, this one you have definitely replicated the essence of the Vada Pao.

Masala Dosa – I love a good masala dosa, and because this was take-away, the dosa came separate and I had the challenging task to make it look professional on a plate and wasn’t successful! Furthermore, incredible taste and spice levels were spot on.

Kadhi Paneer and Naan – I am not a huge paneer fan, but this paneer was “meaty” and fulfilling. The thin garlic naans were also a huge hit!!

Sara's Veg
Sara’s Veg Delivery

Alloo & Naan – this potato spice with turmeric and cumin was a superb taste and is highly recommended.

Samosa – huge potato pockets filled with a nice spicy mixture – comes with tamarind chutney.

Dhokla – Dhokla is a steamed recipe originating from Gujarat (a western state of India). Gujarati generally make it for breakfast. My first time to try Dhokla. I am not hooked! The fluffy texture, the simple spices, and the spongy texture of this Dhokla make a great snack. This dhokla is wonderfully seasoned with very slight hints of sweetness as it is made with gram flour.

Momo’s – these veggie momo’s were so good, I had 1 but the rest were eaten in a snap by my friend who dipped them in chilli oil and snarfed them down! I turned around and was like …. where did they go?

Sara's Veg
Daal Tarka, Rice and Naan

Daal (lentils) is a staple in India and Pakistan. This is something I can eat with rice every day! I make my daal spicy and flavourful! This Dahl at Sara’s Veg was like I made it at home. Nothing more to say other than try it out! A scrumptious bowl of Daal and rice reminded me of my childhood, growing up in Canada and no one really knew what lentils were!!

Box of mixed sweet – OMG to nibble on for the week when you are craving some dessert! If you have a love for Indian sweets, Sara’s Veg has all the sweets you are looking for. Call them up and find out which ones would suit your palette? There is Ladoo, Barfi, Besan Ladoo, gelabi’s and much more.

Sara’s Veg deserves a huge SHOUTOUT as they delivered superb packaging, hot and fresh delivery in such small cute containers. The menu at Saras is extensive, encompassing over 200 dishes ranging from a cross-selection of Indian regional delicacies including Indian-Chinese and Thai vegetarian food. Saras also boasts the city’s largest selection of Indian traditional desserts.

P.S….they have another creative place called Sorriso Italian Veg Restaurant – watch for the next review for Sorriso!! (Next best secret) not to be any longer!!

With love


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