Home Style Delivery Delivery : Enjoying BBQ with ‘PitBull BBQ’

Delivery : Enjoying BBQ with ‘PitBull BBQ’

Delivery : Enjoying BBQ with ‘PitBull BBQ’

PitBull BBQ has been operating since 2018 as a food truck serving smoked and slow-cooked food. Currently PitBull BBQ has a food truck (in Koh Samui) and also a pop-up restaurant at Artbox Market (Sukhumvit 10) and a delivery-only (for now) at Sukhumvit 22.

Pitbull BBQ
Pitbull BBQ at Artbox

Note from the Editor : Bangkok Eats is running a series of delivery only reviews to adapt to the challenging time, we review as per the delivered condition.

PitBull BBQ started 3 years ago mostly because they were frustrated at the options of smoked bbq available in Bangkok.

“There weren’t many and most of them are very expensive. I wanted a place that offer good BBQ food at reasonable & affordable prices. Just honest good food without having to “gourmet” it up and charge double. We just want to show a different version of BBQ cooked on wood.”

Owner – Vasu Chewprecha

They also wanted Thai people to be able to experience smoked food. BBQ is very broad and almost anything can be classified as BBQ. PitBull BBQ approach to their food is that they avoid complexity and instead just use the best ingredients and a lot of time. Good food takes time!


Either visit PitBull BBQ at Artbox Market (Sukhumvit 10) or order delivery directly on our FB page (@pitbullbbqbkk) or thru Lineman (https://wongn.ai/h1jlb). The delivery will come out of Sukhumvit 22. They are open 11:00-21:00 (last order 20:30) during the curfew.

Cubano sandwich

PitBull BBQ
Cubano sandwich

All that goodness is pressed together to give an absolutely wonderful experience. That slight tartness of the sauce, wrapped in the gooey goodness of Swiss cheese. This is really a treat for anyone missing great BBQ comfort food. The Cuban bread is custom made by Conkey’s bakery. The cuban pork is marinated with ginger, pineapple, garlic, jalapeño, and oregano overnight and then slow roast for 8 hours. Serve with ham, Swiss cheese, pickle cucumber. PitBull BBQ put mustard and a house-made cilantro aioli on cuban bread and then toast it on the panini grill.

Brisket grilled cheese with bacon jam

PitBull BBQ
Brisket grilled cheese with bacon jam

Wow, it’s a sudden hit of some very juicy, very tasty meat. Again a lovely piece of toasted bread grilled and pressed just right. The Bacon Jam is a vey smart move, it lifts up the whole thing! The wagyu brisket is brined for 48 hours and then smoked for 14-16 hours. PitBull BBQ makes their Bacon jam by cooking down bacon for 30 mins and then use the rendered bacon fat to cook onion for another 90 minutes. Then they add seasoning and herbs and blitz bacon and caramelized onion together until it gets a jam-like texture. The sandwich gets a spread of bacon jam, gouda cheese, smoked brisket and then grilled on a panini, just writing this makes me hungry for it again!

German Sausages

PitBull BBQ

These are a neat bag of tricks, you got three different types of sausages, Kasekrainer (one with cheese) Nuremberg (skinny long one) and Bratwurst. All replete with mustard, ketchup, sauerkraut and coleslaw. They have a really robust taste, as they ought to …

Pulled pork Burger

PitBull BBQ
Pulled pork Burger

Two words. Immensely enjoyable. If this is a product that you are already familiar with, you will be decently satisfied as this burger has all the taste. PitBull BBQ pulled pork takes almost 2 days to make. They inject their brine solution into the pork butt (shoulder) and marinade for 24 hours and then dry rub it and smoke it for 10-12 hours. The brioche buns come from Conkey’s bakery….probably one of the best bakeries in Thailand.

Pork Ribs

This were quite delicious, and we really enjoyed spreading their home made sauce on the ribs. PitBull BBQ has done a great job on creating a ribs recipe that certainly satisfies us and is quite likely to satisfy our audience. They dry rub their ribs overnight and then PitBull BBQ will smoke it 8-10 hours on very low heat until it is super tender. It’s served with their own BBQ sauce, coleslaw, pickle cucumber and jalapeños. 

Sides and Sauces

PitBull BBQ

A note about additional food, we also enjoyed their Onions Rings, big and chunky and quite nice, perhaps a tad bit oily but easily fixed with paper towel. Their BBQ sauce is actually quite delicious, I recommend asking for extra! It is made according to their recipe from one of their suppliers.

For their coleslaw, they brined it first with salt & sugar. This adds the crunchiness and removes the unpleasant smell that sometimes you get with vegetables. The Coleslaw sauce is black pepper and mustard heavy.


Sukhumvit 22



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