Home Style Delivery Delivery : Its a Pocket full of Goodness!

Delivery : Its a Pocket full of Goodness!

Delivery : Its a Pocket full of Goodness!

The Pocket is a bit of a new kid on he block and its something different. Its almost like your own personal pizza! They operate out of Khao San Road, and deliver to most areas in Bangkok. There often have specials or promotions so be on the lookout for them!

Note from the Editor : Bangkok Eats is running a series of delivery only reviews to adapt to the challenging time, we review as per the delivered condition.

The owner (Simone) had the idea thanks to his Italian background, as for him Pinsa is his city street food. The idea came from the thought of why fast food have to be necessarily unhealthy? He sought to make an inexpensive healthier, quality driven fast food brand and make it in a format no one has ever seen before in South East Asia.

A word on Pinsa dough

Pinsa is the result of over 100 years of Roman artisan baking experience, creativity, and expertise.  Pinsa comes from the Latin “pinsere’ or “push the dough by hands”. It is light like a cloud of a pizza with the old world taste of freshly baked pizza in the original oval form. This unique pizza dough called PINSA, is distinctive and unique in both toppings and crust.

Pinsa traces back to the Roman Empire. It was considered so good that the ancient priests used to offer it to the gods. Even the poet Virgil in his Aeneid reports that peasants in the Roman countryside used to knead grains, salt, and herbs to make a “low and oval cake” cooked on hot coals. That cake was easily digested, and, as told by Virgil, it was one of the first foods that the Trojan Hero Aeneas bit into when he set foot on the Lazio coast.

Pinsa’s easy digestibility is due to a variety of factors including, the 72 hour process of cold fermentation which breaks down the starches and glutens, the 80-90% hydration, their unique sour dough starter, and the high quality of the non-GMO grains milled in Italy to a precise specifications.

The ‘Pocketz Beef Curry’

Its has a slight spicy kick, not nothing too excessive. Its uses dry age 21 days Thai beef throughout. This is a pcoket that is good for those who love Thai food but also enjoy a pizza now and then!

The ‘Pocketz Meatball

The Meatball

As you bite into its soft centre, you’re taken back to Rome, its a lovely meatball filled centre, dripping with fresh mozzarella cheese and a soft and delicate bolognese Ragu. This is certainly a very enjoyable Pocketz Meatball!

The Funghi

The Funghi TONGUES

Amazingly this doesn’t actually taste strongly like mushrooms, now thats either good or bad news depending on your taste preference. For me, I actually am very much not a fan of mushrooms, but i really enjoyed this one. How

The Diavola

The Diavola TONGUES

So the Diavola, I have always had a fondness for this type of Pocket and it’s sometimes my go snack. Straight away as I bite into it, its have the luscious taste of Italian salami. This is a Pinsa I can really get behind and for the small price, its a really worthwhile snack option or lunch!

Tongue Hawaii

Well – this is my favourite Tongue, I’m pro Pineapple! This is a lovely one, the tomato sauce is quite vibrant on this, goes nicely against the pert sweetness of the pineapple with assorted chucks of ham. It’s all presided over with some lovely herbs sprinkled on the top. BTW – Are you for or against pineapple on a pizza?/ Let us know in the comments!

Pocketz Chicken Kra Pao

It’s interesting that they have taken a medium approach to the spice level perhaps wise in order to appease both markets. Overall its a nice mix with a nice taste of one of the more popular flavours in Thailand, Pad Kra Pao

Pocketz Chicken curry

Pocketz Chicken curry

First time I had Chicken curry on a pizza, and its not bad! Not too spicy, quite gentle really. Certainly something for the fans of curry!

Helping the people

Since COVID 19 started the owner came in contact with a lot of people stranded and now living on the streets with nothing. Simone and his girlfriend decided to do something about this and with the help of his friend in London set up this endeavour and fundraiser!”.


Khaosan rd. The address is 130 Khaosan rd. Taladyod , Phra na korn District. BKK 10200. That’s why it’s much healthier than pizza




Customers can find them and order through : Line man , Food panda as well


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