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Seafood Delights Unveiled at Cha-am’s Shellfish and Squid Feast

Seafood Delights Unveiled at Cha-am’s Shellfish and Squid Feast

Last week, the much-anticipated seafood extravaganza kicked off as the sun began its descent, casting a captivating glow along the shores of Cha-am. The Mayor of Phetchaburi officially inaugurated the ‘Shellfish and Squid Feast @ Cha-am,’ held at the picturesque beachfront of Cha-am, inviting all to savor the bounties of the sea. From the evening till the nightfall, enthusiasts immersed themselves in a seafood soiree, featuring a delectable array of fresh ocean delights.

Local dignitaries, including Mayor Nantachai Namphoonsuk of Phetchaburi, Mayor Nukul Phonsombat of Cha-am, and provincial officials, united at the Cha-am beachfront to inaugurate the event. Their presence added a touch of prestige to this already celebrated seafood festival. The festival showcased an enticing selection of seafood, encompassing an assortment of shrimp, clams, crabs, and an array of fish, all freshly sourced from the ocean.

Mayor Nantachai Namphoonsuk proudly lauded the culinary prowess of Cha-am, presenting a veritable feast of flavors that tantalized taste buds. The crown jewel of this gastronomic fiesta was undoubtedly the shellfish, accompanied by an exquisite seafood dip, enticingly garnished. The Mayor welcomed everyone to partake in this savory adventure, coupled with the evening’s entertainment, musical performances, and the enchanting sea, painting a perfect twilight backdrop.

Mayor Nukul Phonsombat, echoing the sentiment, invited visitors to explore the gastronomic wonders strewn across Cha-am, an international culinary haven. He urged all to indulge in the diverse and delectable offerings presented by renowned hotels, each showcasing its unique culinary expertise. Alongside the feasting, visitors had the chance to explore local products at the beachside stalls, adding to the vibrant ambiance of the Cha-am shoreline.

The ‘Shellfish and Squid Feast @ Cha-am,’ an event spanning over two decades, continued its legacy until September 16th. Held at the enchanting Cha-am beachfront in Phetchaburi, seafood enthusiasts flocked to experience the thrill of squid-catching in the sea, paired with a delightful sampling of freshly caught seafood, including shrimp, clams, crab, and an array of fish. From 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM, at a mere cost of 100 Baht per boat, visitors could revel in this seafood extravaganza.


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